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White Oak Pediatrics
New Site: http://www.whiteoakpediatrics.com/

Whether you’re in the medical services or if you’ve taken your hairdressing business to the next level, you might want an upgrade.

It’s 2018 and the thing now is that every space needs a place—online. Having a website is an extremely important tool to have and use when you want to not only attract more customers or clients but to also keep them coming back with an engaging blog or with an interactive website that they can easily navigate.

However, it’s not just having a website that can get the job done. You also need to have a quality website. One that is devoted to professionalism and conveys your message clearly. The first impression that you have with your online space is extremely important. So, not only should you be able to communicate to future or current clients with it, you should also be able to convey the feeling and personality behind your business to all your visitors online.


White Oak Pediatrics, with Dr. Giovanni Impeduglia, or Dr. I, and many of his other doctors on-board have welcomed their clients for years. Each patient is just as important to them as the next. Whether you’re an existing patient or brand new and need to visit the “Patient Portal”, the website is extremely accessible to all comers and attendants of the pediatric office.

Even though the pediatric staff had the credentials to back up their presence in medicine, they didn’t have the website that justified, just how good they were.

Our Issues

The original website that was established on Squarespace simply wasn’t proving very effective. The numbers weren’t there—from existing and new clients—and it just wasn’t working. There was very little traffic on the website, whereas a blog would increase the number of visitors coming back for more.

The old website did not generate any new leads from prospective clients through any type of call to action.

Squarespace, which is the modem they were using, did not even allow for the website to bring in optimal page rankings, which definitely couldn’t help their case, especially when they didn’t know what they needed to improve.

The Solution

To create, renovate, and excite, the practice decided to turn to WordPress. This customized platform created the opportunity to get more of an interactive website and was able to create a sense of personality and implement it in their online presence.

On top of turning to WordPress for their new site, they also engaged in a Google AdWords campaign. This investment helped them accentuate and determine which keywords would resonate more with their audience and show up on an SEO level.

Running away with the idea of SEO, they also implemented an OnPage SEO, which was a campaign that could generate and capture lead traffic from the main campaign. All in all, these simple “programs” allowed for better rankings on search engines and a higher possibility of their website being seen by the world—or at least their local area.

The Feedback

Making the move and switching platforms was one of the best things that they could do for their online presence of their practice. The new site that had started was ranking much, much higher than the original website and their first year when it was launched.

Numbers, overall, have risen up since then and the online exposure and interactive website for existing and new patients alike has proven to be extremely user-friendly and capable of bringing in the promising statistics that they had hoped for.

Most importantly, Dr. I and the rest of his staff are extremely happy with the website and hope that it will overall increase attention for their practice and help them communicate with their patients and possibly potential patients in the long run.


Being able to reach your clients or customers individually, meeting with them one-on-one and giving them the information, forms, and answering questions that they may have on an individual basis is something that most businesses (especially those with a huge potential-client market) only dream of. However, with the switch to a better website and online platform, you can make your dreams come true or your business.

Increasing and improving your online presence can work wonders for your small or big business. Whether you already have a website and it’s not generating many leads or you want to create a new one on the way, it’s worth it to try the switch.

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