American Academy of Thermology

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With so many different website platforms to turn to, you can easily set up a very professional and high-quality website to match your business profile—just as easily as you can set one up that doesn’t have the high feedback and positive results you’ve been looking for.

In most cases, the businesses aren’t the problem when it comes to receiving negative or too little feedback. It’s usually just the business website. Simply by developing a high-quality website, a business can receive positive feedback, have a quality platform for returning and new customers, and be able to spread their words and products with the world. With just the click of a button, the reviews and feedback of old customers can be easily-accessed by new customers and their world can become much smaller—even as their business grows.


The American Academy of Thermology is a nonprofit organization based in Greenville,

South Carolina that focuses on the advancement of infrared imaging. Their organization in the whole North American region is one of the leading, premiere sources of scientific development, healthcare training, and clinical application of imaging.

Their company holds the responsibility of teaching others how to hone in on the visual science that requires skills in pattern recognition of health and disease states. This is extremely important for those looking to help people recognize possible cancerous cells and other forms of diseases. As you might have guessed, the need of more students in this field is extremely important for not only those who need to keep an eye on already-spotted problem areas but also for those who need those spots recognized.

Our Issues:

The site that was already in place was not only completely outdated, it was also originally designed poorly and not at all optimized to be able and to attract new members to convert and click.

As you can probably guess, the platform available that can make joining an organization simple is extremely important if you want to gain new members. If the new member has to go through a lengthy or a complicated process, it might not work out in the organization’s favor—meaning not so many new members.

The Solution:

Since the company wanted to get new members and have them act through their website, they knew that the website had to be more easily-accessible and be, overall, much easier to navigate. The site was moved to the WordPress website and was designed so that they also had the possibility of having a mobile responsive site. This addition was extremely important because most users these days are often accessing the website on their mobile devices.ewer and fewer users are using just their computers or laptops. In most cases of websites, the website is designed based on a desktop presence and is then moved (if it can be) and re-designed so it is compatible for phones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

The new website also had CTA places on the site for new members to act, which cranked up the response numbers and signups.

The Feedback:

Basically, the process of getting new members through a whole new website platform worked. The American Academy of Thermology saw this rise of response in statistics and actual numbers, with much more membership signups through the website. This increased the overall quality of their business and had a slippery-slope effect,in a positive way. The more members who signed up, the better their reviews got, which caused more people to also sign up.


Switching from one website to another can make all the difference to low or failing numbers of a company or organization. Simply by making the effort and investing into a new website, a brand new online platform, and making their company or organization much more accessible and easily accessed, the numbers, popularity, and success of a business can multiply or sky-rocket, all because of one simple move.

When we are in such a time where everything is found or searched for online, the online presence of your business, corporation or organization is an extremely important investment to make. The quality of your website and its platform can highly impact its success.

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