99MediaLab Offers ecommerce Websites

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(Stafford, VA, Sept. 4, 2013) — Company representatives with 99MediaLab announced today that it will now offer Bigcommerce website design and development.

“We’ll create and provide businesses and individuals with a powerful selling tool – Their very own ecommerce website using Bigcommerce hosted solutions,” said Piyush Mangukiya, managing partner of 99MediaLab LLC, a full service web design and digital marketing company developing websites, performing internet marketing for small businesses, startups, brands, causes and celebrities.

Mangukiya explained that the added service will help businesses boost their conversion rates, and provide them with complete social media integration, and advanced and user friendly CMS.

“We make sure that all the pages on your website have clearly defined goals,” Mangukiya stressed, before adding, “Whether it’s enticing the visitors to click on product pages featured on the home page and elsewhere on Bigcommerce sites, or providing relevant and persuasive information to help users make buying decisions, each page has its own objective.”

Mangukiya went on to point out that keeping these goals in mind at all times, 99MediaLab is able to create successful Bigcommerce websites, page by page.

In addition to getting new, unique visitors, Mangukiya, noted, it’s important to get the old/existing ones to come back again and again.

“As an experienced ecommerce website design company, we understand that this is necessary to create value for your Bigcommerce website that directly translates into stronger sales,” Mangukiya said.

For more information, please visit: https://99medialab.com/web-design-development/ecommerce/ and https://99medialab.com/blog/

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