Impact Improver

Impact Improver is owned and invented by Tiffany Faucette. She played professionally worldwide for eleven years including two majors: The US Women’s Open and The McDonalds’s Championship. She’s also participated in all major tours: the LPGA, the Futures Tour, the European Tour, the Asian Tour, the Canadian Tour, and others. Now as a full time teacher, she has won many accolades including: LPGA Top 50 Teacher, GRAA Top 50, and US Kids Golf Honorable Mention. Impact improver sells golf training aids.

Their main product is the Impact Improver, which helps golfers locate their point of impact.Tiffany’s book “Fighting Golf: Flow with Force & Fly” can also be found on the website. Fighting Golf is the only golf book that shows you how to develop a fighter’s fierce attitude toward every swing.  A physical and PDF copy are being sold on the website.

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Pain Points

Click Funnel

The website had a click funnel and was not getting much traffic

Email Notifications

There were issues with her click funnel concerning email notifications and fulfillment, she had to manually fulfill orders

Checkout Process

The check-out process was unbearably long for users

The Solution

Short Term Goal

Our short term goal was to fix issues with the click funnel, especially the email notifications to both Tiffany and the user. There is one way to integrate Shopify with ClickFunnel. Every time an order was placed on ClickFunnel, it would automatically show on Shopify. This way, Tiffany’s fulfilment would be easy. There is also a way to customize the automated email sent to the user when a product is purchased in ClickFunnel. The cost to integrate Shopify with ClickFunnel and to customize the automated email to the user is $375. Another short term goal of ours was for Tiffany to be able to establish credibility with her customers by highlighting the awards she had won.

Long Term Goal

Our long term goal was to move the website to Shopify. At the time Tiffany came to consult us, the site was on WordPress while the ecommerce feature was on Shopify. In order to purchase a product, the customer would come to the WordPress site and click ‘Buy’. They would then be redirected to another page and click ‘Buy’ again. Ideally, these steps should be on a single Shopify website instead of a combination of WordPress and Shopify. The user would click ‘Buy’ once, add the product to the cart, and begin the checkout process. The cost of this redesign and redevelopment of the website on Shopify would be $2500. An extra $175 would be required for a Reversion set up and integration with the Shopify site while $150 would be required to integrate the Flickrocket app with the Shopify site.

Design Process Overview

We began by showing the client the design for the home page. She gave the design team some useful advice which they then used to make changes on the original design. The new design was once again sent to the client for approval and this time she gave it.

With the approved design in hand, the developers were set to work straight away building the website. They began by working on the Interior, Catalog, and Product page designs. All the while, the Project Coordinator was working with them to ensure that all the functionality the client had asked for was being developed.

Once the interior pages were done, the design team sent them to the client for approval. The client liked them a lot, asking only for a few edits here and there. These edits were promptly made and sent back to the client, who approved them, along with the designs. The Project Coordinator then sent them back to the team so they could begin to code the website.

Throughout the process, the client was  constantly updated at least once a week while being  provided with a link they could use to view the progress of the website whenever they wanted. They would routinely use this link to comb through the site and request small edits, which were always promptly made. Finally, after a brief QA, the website was ready for launch.

The total length of the project was 4 weeks.

Features of the website

  • Instagram feed on the footer. This allows users to be able to share the picture posts with their friends on Instagram.
  • Flickrocket integrated on the website for the purchase of the pdf version of the fighting golf book.
  • Blog & News feed that can be easily updated by the client.
  • Social Media integrated for easy shares of blog posts.
  • Video on the homepage for better conversion.

Client Feedback

Tiffany was elated with the work. She has since reported a massive improvement in traffic and revenue. Her users go through the checkout process much more quickly now and she has since been able to expand her product offering as a result.




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