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10 Features of a high Quality Website

10 Features of a high Quality Website

What makes a website an authority on its niche? Well, there are too many things to consider before christening a website as a high quality website. Contrary to what most people believe, producing high quality content is not enough for a website to get dubbed as trusted. Here in this article, we are going to describe the top ten features of a high quality website –

Feature 1# Provide High Quality Content

Of course, you need to come up with quality content on a regular basis for your small business website. You simply can’t expect your website rank high on competitive terms, if your website does not have interesting and informative content that people actually like and appreciate. All high quality websites like Economist, NY Time, Moz.com etc are famous for producing extremely high quality and well researched content.

Feature 2# Get Tons of Links from Other Websites

If a website continues to produce high quality content, it is highly likely that it will grab the attention of people and some people might feel encouraged to link back to that website. Google, like any other search engines consider backlinks as endorsements from users and the higher the number of quality backlinks, the better it is for the visibility of the website. However, there is a difference between natural links and unnatural links. Natural links are those that a website gains automatically as it starts gaining popularity online, whereas links built by webmasters to influence the rankings of a website are considered as unnatural links. High quality sites tend to attract natural links from high quality sites.

For your small business SEO its very important that you execute a natural link building campaign.

Feature 3# Intuitive Design

People hate to browse a website whose structure is overly complicated. You can’t go wild with creativity while designing a website. The design and structure of the website should be built around the concept of users’ experience. The interface should be clutter free. Elimination of design distraction is a necessity to ensure seamless browsing experience for the users. The interface has to be fresh and users friendly before anything else.

Feature 4# Easy Navigation

All the pages of the website needs to be accessible via the navigation. You simply can’t expect divine intervention each time a visitor is looking for a particular web page. If your website has too many pages, it makes sense to create a Sitemap so that people can find the web pages easily without wasting much of their time.

Feature 5# Well Maintained

The hallmark quality of a high quality website is that it is maintained properly. It should not have large number of 404 error pages as this might have adverse impacts on the users experience front. You need to make sure that you are not linking to too many redirecting URLs. Presence of dummy pages or pages with no content also irritates the readers.

Feature 6# Great Design

The design has to be unique and visually appealing. There is no way you can copy the design style of other popular websites as this can seriously damage the reputation of the website. The design has to be conspicuous and creative at the same time.

Feature 7# Security

A high quality website rarely gets hacked. However, there are some instances where big websites get hunted down by hackers but that does not happen every day. Small websites, especially WordPress based sites tend to get hacked or injected with malicious codes every now and then. Large websites tend to take extra measures or precautions to ensure that their website stay healthy and is capable of protecting the privacy of the users.

Feature 8# Social Signals

High quality websites tend to have greater acceptance on social circles. Since high quality sites tend to produce interesting and informative articles on regular basis, people are more likely to share the links of those articles on different social media sites. That means if you want to make your website treated like a high quality website, you will have to come up with an interesting social media marketing strategy.

Feature 9# Contact Information

There is no way we can stress enough on the fact that a legitimate website needs to have a proper “Contact Us” page. Just adding a Contact Form is not enough. You need to add physical address as people tend to trust those sites more. For ex: if you re looking to rank higher for Fredericksburg web design then your home page and all the pages must have a Fredericksburg website address.

Feature 10# Fast Loading

You simply can’t expect people to wait forever to get a glimpse of your website. Almost all major websites have worked really hard to make their websites load fast. Scale down the images, use external style sheet and JavaScript files to reduce the loading time.

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