5 Tips for Making Your Website More Social

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Search Engine Optimization must be a familiar term to you if you are a website operator. Something new to add to your list of Internet vocabulary is ‘Social Optimization’. You will get more traffic to your site if your website is engineered to be optimized for social media sharing. There is more engagement with customers, and this leads to more sharing, feedback and interaction and more traffic to your site. To ensure that your website is more social, just follow these simple tips:

1. Encourage a more social experience.

Many people like to share on social media, many don’t. What you can do is encourage sharing and engagement on your website by using smart posts and words. Choose your words carefully so they represent your product and be conversational in your tone. It’s good to pick words that encourage an action and not just a command. For example, change ‘Try it today’ to ‘Are you ready to try it?’ This not only makes it conversational, but also adds a personal touch to it.

url2. Raise the bar on content quality.

This has been said many many times. Creating content for your site is one thing, but creating quality and interesting content that appeals to your customers is another. A successful online marketing strategy consists of informative and helpful content. Your pages will not be shared or even discovered f your content is of poor quality. Are the articles and blog posts in your website worth sharing? If not, make them more interesting. See that your titles are eye catching and make sure you have integrated your sharing buttons with each piece of content.

The length and format of the content is also equally important. Videos, blog posts and infographics are shared more often than lengthy pieces because they are easier to read. Keeping in mind mobile users, this is especially important.

3. Incentivize 

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