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6 Tips to Boost Your Web Presence

6 Tips to Boost Your Web Presence

You know it’s time for an update if you built your site a few years ago. There may be many reasons for this but the main one is because usage patterns have changed over the years. Look at the number of mobile Internet users today compared to three years ago. This number is only going to rise. Your website is not as effective as a marketing tool as it was if your site does not have a mobile version. To check, simply look up your site on a mobile and see if it re-sizes to fit your phone screen.

Here are some ways to make your site more effective:

1. Make it mobile.

It is very important for your site to be viewed well from a smart phone or a tablet. A good way is to use a new responsive layout that would work well on all platforms for now and for the future.

SEO-Tips-to-Improve-Your-Rankings2. Update your own content—regularly.

Static websites don’t work anymore. Successful websites of today are constantly updated with new information, to ensure visitors come back again and again. It’s a good idea to have regular blog posts on your website, something your visitors will keep coming back for. You will see that your site will get higher search results simply because you update it often.

It’s important to use a content based management system (CMS) which will make it much easier for you to create and post your own updates. Managing your content with a CMS is as easy as using a Web browser. When you do all this yourself, you will be able to add an extra personal touch to the content than having someone do it for you.

3. Integrate [pwal id=”47571738″ description=””]

social media.

Today, social media is a very important tool for every business that wants a powerful web presence. Communication with potential clients is something everyone is doing. Ensure your Twitter and Facebook feeds come onto your website so that customers are always up-to-date. Your customers are your biggest advocates; interact with them so they will talk about your product. It is a good idea to hire a professional to integrate social media onto your website.

4. Remove annoying features.

A good example is a piece of content that requires an application to be launched. On mobile devices, this is a complete pain. PDF files and anything else that could ruin a customer’s browsing experience should be removed.

 5. Keep it simple.

A website should be there for visitors to get the information they seek as fast as possible. Don’t lead your visitors on a treasure hunt search to look for important details. A simple design is a smart move. Keep away information and pages that could distract your visitors and focus on the things you want your visitors to see. Offer them simple options and simple ways to reach their desired information.

6. Stay in the driver’s seat.

You should still remain in control of your website even if you hire a professional to do things. Ensure that you pick a CMS that you can manage yourself. If you hire freelancers that create content for you, ensure you have a clause there that gives you the rights over this content.