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Best Collection of WordPress Plugins for Productivity

Best Collection of WordPress Plugins for Productivity

Enhanced productivity is a necessity for success; with it, you have more time at hand and more money to spend. It’s no different with WordPress. When you enhance its productivity, you minimize time investment and attain more profits. The easiest way to do it is to find the right tool for the task. And when it’s WordPress, you just need to get the right plugin.


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Which ones will be of optimum use? Well, it depends on what you need it to accomplish.

Store your thoughts and perceptions with the Ideas plugin.

You never know when a flash bulb moment occurs. If you fail to make a note immediately, you may lose the idea altogether. And nobody uses a notepad these days. Just get this plugin. Once installed, you can find it on the dashboard sidebar; keep your notes for future posts stored with it.

Add downloadable content with EG Attachments plugin.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every document, video or any other file you need to add to the post could be done with minimum hassle? With this plugin, you get a shortcode to display the files along with the details you want. Sure sounds exactly the tool you need!

Find, resize, insert and attribute images with PhotoDropper plugin.

Well, you need to add images to your posts to make them visually attractive. And with this plugin, you have the best way to do it. You can get free images from Flickr (Creative Commons), or pay for a premium version, and get stock photos if you don’t want to credit them.

Sort posts into a series with the Organize Series plugin.

A series of posts on a topic exhibits your expertise in it. It also helps to interlink posts and get an SEO advantage. And when you use this plugin, it becomes easy too. Create a new series or add to an existing one – and it will choose categories, tags, and add internal links to the posts too.

Get a look at basic metrics from Google Analytics Dashboard plugin.

Do you go back to Google Analytics every hour? Well, it eats up your workday. Instead, opt for this plugin to get a look at the basic data and that too from your WordPress dashboard. No need to check Analytics every hour!

Automate your site’s backup using the BackupBuddy plugin.

You sure cannot afford to lose your site data. Most businesses recover from such situations! It’s essential to automate the backup system, and you can do this with ease with this handy plugin. And it’s equally easy to recover any lost data from the cloud or server backup too.

Streamline guest blog creation with the Really Simple Guest Post Plugin.

Your WordPress site may lose its charm if you alone are responsible for content creation. What do you do? Just request for guest posts! But don’t make a mess. Instead, choose this plugin to create a web form where the guest bloggers can upload their content and you can publish or delete.

With a little research, you can easily identify which plugins are the most apt for your site.

Another productivity enhancer (though not a plugin) for your WordPress site is the Dragon Naturally Speaking program. With it, you don’t need to type your posts, just speak into the microphone and it will transform your speech into a written format. And with its ease of use and pretty perfect function, it can be a handy tool for any WordPress user.