Your website is like your introduction to the world. It’s like your handshake or your first impression—with all of you clients or possible clients at once. You might have the credentials to back up your proposal, however, if you don’t have the strong grip and look in your eye they’re looking for—you might not land the deal.

Even if your business has already built up its reputation, if your first impression is weak, then your statistics don’t hold as much weight and all the work you’ve done gathering information has been for nothing, especially if the presentation of the material is nothing eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and easy to follow.

You might have all the credentials and have built up years of a successful, professional upbringing. However, if you don’t make a great first impression, all those years of working hard might not be for anything. A website is your opportunity to grab the attention of future clients—with the world watching.

About Piedmont PMR

Dr. Robert Schwartz, a nationally-recognized doctor of orthopedic medicine, specializing in pain management, rehab, thermology, and physical medicine, is the principal behind Piedmont PMR. Dr. Schwartz has also been a guest professor in numerous schools, an instructor of countless classes, author of hundreds of articles and the lead director and member of medical societies and groups all across the continental United States.

Safe to say, Dr. Schwartz had the credentials to back up his practice. Unfortunately, his first impression online which he was offering to the public—didn’t portray that, at all.

Piedmont PMR’s pain points

The old website which was up was failing to attract new referrals. Although Schwartz had the history and steady flow of returning clients, his website wasn’t drawing in any new clients to his practice.

Although he had clocked in the hours to bring up his credentials to be nationally recognized, the site did a poor job of showing that professionalism and the years and years of reputable history.

Only one AdWords campaign was put into place, however, it was done so ineffectively. Instead of bringing clients around to coming in, it led to other domains—separate from Dr. Schwartz’s site.

The Solution

Lik most websites that have an attention-grabbing problem, Piedmont PMR’s solution was really pretty simple. All it took was to switch the website’s platform to try and become more successful and gain the attention of potential new clients.

The original website switched to WordPress. To create even more of a direct response, there were CTA’s added on the page so that the prospective patients could arrange an appointment or call with an inquiry in a convenient way. A scheduling process was now simple, effective, and fast—which attracted new clients.

The AdWords campaign that was also implemented on this site was also launched. It focused on slipping in SEO targeted keywords that would center on pain management. Since Dr. Schwartz specialized in such a field, it was important that potential clients were drawn to his site by searching for those keywords when looking for a solution to their pain problems.


After switching website platforms and then moving on further with implementing SEO keywords, tracking search results, and adding CTA’s to their website, Dr. Schwartz has seen not only a larger potential clientele reach but have been resulted in recorded stats. There have been more potential clients that have scheduled appointments and much more referrals that have had a higher conversion rate, meaning that not only has the website sought and caught their attention, through it, they also gained a new client with his office.


It’s a simple transaction, transferral, and implementation. Switching a website platform and paying attention to the small details, like implementing more SEO keywords, directing an AdWords campaign, and overall changing and upgrading a website so that it attracts and gains more clients, can make such a difference not only in your online presence but also in the success of your business.

This individual story just goes to show that you can have all the credentials and successful upbringing in the world—you could dot your i’s and cross your t’s to have a successful business. However, if you don’t have the advertising and attention-grabbing online presence to make that first impression, not only does it not reflect who you are personally or professionally, it also eliminates the possibility of gaining those potential clients.