Social Media Marketing Case Study – Education Industry

Social Media Marketing (SMM):


Simple Nursing offers online courses and video tutorials to aid your studies in med and nursing school. With helpful guidelines, lectures and test taking strategies, students can ace their clinical skills and get a firm grasp over important medical concepts.
Though the website gave an overview of the services, what Simple Nursing actually needed was a more personalized and easily accessible platform to channel their resources to a wider clientele. This was only possible through a targeted and powerful social media campaign.

We at 99MediaLab are skilled at boosting up the social presence of a brand and maximizing their networking potential. Thus, Simple Nursing selected us for the job of raising awareness about their services through popular social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and reach out to the med school audience they were willing to target.

Our Process:

Our social media experts were quick to chalk out a complete game plan of social media optimization for Simple Nursing, from designing customized pages to posting regular updates. With stringent and careful research, a creative and warm approach and strategized and targeted marketing, we were able to boost their social campaign and get increased leads on their website.

Phases of the Campaign

The goal of our campaign was to present a clearer picture of Simple Nursing’s services on various social media pages and spread the word around about the brand, latest promotions, offers and discounts they had in store and ultimately increase the brand awareness.

1. Branding:

The first step of the campaign was to create customized social media pages for Simple Nursing that were in line with the layout of their website. Consistency in branding is the core factor in building customer trust. Being an educational website, we needed the pages to look and sound professional as well as helpful to the students.

2. Content Strategy:

We wanted to keep the message simple as well as compelling at the same time. Our experts put in detailed research in devising the content to be shared and posted on the social media pages by taking into consideration the facebook edgerank algorithm to achieve the best engagement and reach among the target audience.

3. Content Strategy Implementation:

It is easy to get overshadowed by the fierce completion in the web world. Therefore, we made sure to plan our strategy with added emphasis on regular posts and updates. With help from our SEO team and appropriate call to action messages, we were able to increase the engagement on the pages and divert the traffic to the Simple Nursing website.

3. Cross Promotion and Engagement:

With videos being an integral part of the whole Simple Nursing course structure, we employed cross promotion strategies to popularize and publicize the website on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + etc. By adding cross promotions, we were able to take the marketing campaign a notch higher and target the tech savvy med school audience in a much better way.

4. Daily Management and Marketing:

One of the strongest advantages of a social media engagement is that the daily updates and regular posts make the brand more popular and can build an instant connection with the intended audience. We made sure that the social media pages of Simple Nursing were updated regularly and the queries, comments and suggestions of the users were also addressed promptly. We also posted daily updates about the latest information to keep the students well aware of the best deals and discounts they could avail!

Results Achieved

The new and improved social media campaign for Simple Nursing boosted the number of followers across all the social media networks and at the same time increased the engagement and the reach.

Specific results include:

1. Facebook likes increased by over 300%

2. Facebook engagement increased by over 450%.

3. Twitter followers increased by 4 times within 60 days of the campaign.

4. Pinterest had 3 times increases in followers.

5. Google+ engagement increased by 5 times.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to build customer engagement and the entire team at 99MediaLab thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our social media campaign for Simple Nursing proved that going social is the best way to connect and interact with a wider scope of audience and boost sales figures like never before!

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