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It’s the year 2018. Everything can be found online—from registering your appointments to purchasing a car. Although a website isn’t needed to build or maintain a successful business it can be resourceful to businesses struggling to find its footing or see the gains from its clients.

Even if your business already has a developed website, you might not be seeing the results you want from it. On top of feeling discouraged, the numbers just simply aren’t there. However, regardless of how many years you’ve been on a particular platform or if you hadn’t bothered to find a website compatible enough, there is still hope. The perfect website is out there for you and your professional needs. Here is another success story founded simply by changing websites to a different platform.  

About the Client

The Stones is a handmade jewelry store founded in Chicago that was looking to find success with their online presence. All of the jewelry is targeted toward men with several lines of bracelets made with a custom tailored-fit for any wrist, garnished with all-natural gemstone beads and a 1-year warranty. Currently, they are an online-only store, so the key to their success was solely based on their online revenue.

From humble beginnings in a small apartment on the West Side of Chicago, they kept on moving forward, trying to find success in not only selling their product but also changing the way the world sees men’s jewelry.

Pain Points

The issues with The Stones Jewelry Store was very simple to pinpoint—the online store was not attracting enough customers. Previously, the website was lacking in attracting viewers as well as persuading any new or returning customers to make a  purchase. As you can imagine, the lack of interest and pursuit after the product (especially one with a pre-determined stigma) had The Stones falling short on their online revenue and below the bar on their desired sales.

The Solution

The solution to their problem was found through their online presence.  Since their main payments and purchases were made online, they were solely relying on their website. However, it was difficult to rely on a website that wasn’t seeing results.

After the problem was targeted and a plan was drawn, they made the switch. The main website for The Stones was redone on Shopify with a whole new look and a modern, sleek style—just like their products.

Not only does the website now look more attractive and appealing to new and returning customers, it also provides several opportunities to draw customers, in and gives visitors a reason to purchase.

With upscale visuals, explanations, and a very interactive feel, the new website also contains plenty of chances for the user to reply to the call-to-action. These small hints to purchase and alluring buttons were placed around the website for buyers to easily be able to browse, view, select, and purchase a product—with special offers also available.—which This greatly helped increase sales.

The Feedback

Bottom line: The Stones saw their sales increase incrementally, yet substantially. Since their website became much more user-friendly, not only did it attract new customers with to its modern, sleek look and baited them to click, it also helped increase the rate of their returning customers engage and as well as return for more, referring family, friends, and acquaintances back to the lavishly redone website.


To summarize the budding results from this one example, switching from one Ecommerce website to another has helped increase business sales, promoted the website, and increased viewership—with returning customers coming back for more and referring others to log on.

A simple switch from one online platform to another can truly make all the difference with an online presence. Especially when, like with this example of The Stones, an online presence is 100 percent depended on for revenue and the store and its customer-base is based and founded solely online. When a business runs their entire store online, the importance of the quality of their website increases that much more.

Improving the website you already have or switching it to a different platform altogether can make such a direct impact on the success of your revenue and viewership.

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