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Company Overview: Water Blossom Creations is a gardening company that specializes in watering devices. The founder came up with the idea when she noticed that most watering methods were only skin deep, so to speak. The water would sip no more than a few inches into the soil, forcing the roots to grow shallow. The plant would thus be a lot more vulnerable to drought and diseases. She decided to design a more efficient water delivery system that would penetrate deep into the soil and deliver water directly to the roots. The husband loved the idea so much that he was determined to turn it into a business. And so the company’s inception was in 2016. The initial website wasn’t converting much, however, so the client asked for our help.

Pain Points:

The website wasn’t converting customers much, right from the start. The product was certainly great. It solved a problem that many gardeners faced. The water delivery systems were designed to look like flowers and were very colorful, blending in seamlessly wherever they were placed. They also made the roots grow even deeper into the soil, making the plants more robust and resistant to diseases and droughts.

The problem was that the website wasn’t very attractive. It was custom made and lacked a lot of the standard features of a well-converting website. There weren’t any calls to action, the pictures were too few, and the home page wasn’t very colorful enough. There also wasn’t a connection to social media, which meant that the client was missing out on a large audience from social media.

Our Process:

Our suggestions to the client:

We suggested that the client migrate the website to WordPress, which would give them a lot of power to customize it using proven templates.

Short Term Goal:

Our short-term goal was to make the website SEO friendly. We wanted to optimize it for the particular niche audience the client was trying to target. That meant working on the image names, the keywords on the home page, and the blog. The blog was especially important because that was what would contribute the most to the SEO of the site. We went through the articles to see if they offered genuine value to the reader and weren’t just stuffed with keywords. We saw that they were, so we gave them a little customization before continuing.

Long-Term Goal:

Our long-term goal was to migrate the entire website to WordPress. We thought the options would be endless in terms of themes and templates and so it would be the best platform as far as customization was concerned. We wanted to include plenty of calls to action in the body of the home page and some other interior pages. We also wanted a gallery with pictures of the products in different positions and settings to illustrate to the site visitor just what it was they were buying. This needed a colorful and spacious theme with plenty of gallery space. We also incorporated the colors of the company logo into the website to bring about some sense of consistency.

Water Blossom Creations was a company with a beautiful product. What we wanted to do is to communicate that beauty through the website so that the users would feel it long before they made the purchase and received the actual product.

Design Process Overview:

As usual, we started with a wireframe of the new website and tried to incorporate whatever we thought would work. We then showed it to the client and waited for feedback. She pointed out a few things she wanted on the site and made a few slight changes to what we had already come up with. We went back to the drawing board and came up with an updated design which she promptly approved.

Once we had something to start with, we got down to work. The design team began with fleshing out the design a little further, building HTML and CSS templates of the different pages and adding whatever they thought would improve things along the way. The Project Coordinator kept them in check throughout the process, trying to keep everything within the requirements of the client.

With better designs, the client was once again invited to have a look at the fleshed out templates and give her feedback. She loved it. She suggested very minimal edits which took a few minutes to implement at the most. With that, the developers worked on the website, building it from the ground up and incorporating the back-end logic that would make it function.

We kept communicating with the client throughout the process, keeping her updated on our progress and giving her access to the website while it was under construction so she could see how things were moving along. In about 3 weeks, the entire project was complete, and the website was ready for launch.

Client Feedback

The conversion rate of the website skyrocketed, with more users visiting it than ever before and a good percentage actually making purchases. We had added a new menu to provide access to the client’s social media content so they also got to access customers on social media platforms. This helped make their product go viral as people kept spreading the good news. The purchases soared and the client, needless to say, was very happy with the result.

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