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Creating an Unbeatable Content Marketing Strategy

Creating an Unbeatable Content Marketing Strategy

Anyone in content development knows of the dilemma. You create something fabulous, or at least, you think it to be so. But once you get it out, the same problem crops up every time. It fails to generate buzz, enhance traffic flow, and create leads.

Don’t feel disappointed; you aren’t alone. It’s easy to be disgruntled though. The good news is that it doesn’t always need to be this way. With a proper plan in place, you can create content that engages audience, boosts traffic flow and generates leads.

Let’s take it one step at a time to come up with a content marketing strategy that works.


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Step 1

Set your goals. Before you begin, focus on the issues at hand. But don’t bite off more than you can chew. Set a specific set of targets in advance. Concentrate your content development and marketing efforts on them.

Keep in mind – the bosses are more interested in the income and expenditure aspect. Take a broader view of the matter. If your content efforts can cut down costs and add to the profits, it can be the ideal thing to do.

Step 2

Involve the right people. You need the nod of your boss to implement your content marketing strategy. This means you have to get them involved. And convince them with your marketing pitch.

But they aren’t the only people you need to talk to. Get in touch with the people who stay in constant touch with the target customers. They will help you understand who the customers are, and what content suits them.

Step 3

Identify key challenges. Draw up customer personas. You can get help from the customer service team to do this. With this, you can understand the problems your customers face. And the ways you can provide solution for those.

Also, it will be best if you can find gaps in the content marketing strategy even before you implement it. Are you failing to offer adequate information at any specific stage of the buying cycle? If yes, make sure you rectify this.

Step 4

Focus on the quality. Whichever type of content you create, whatever quantity you deliver, and whoever you target, what you cannot compromise on is the quality. Remember, this needs to be your primary concern.

A simple editorial checklist can ensure that every piece you produce matches the standards of quality you set. Share it with your team members to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Step 5

Maintain an editorial calendar. A proper plan needs to have a timeline too. You cannot be erratic about the number of pieces you publish in a day, a week or a month. It won’t create a favorable impression on the audience.

Prepare an editorial calendar. And stick to it. Decide what you will publish and when. It will help you stay ahead with the other aspects of the strategy. It will also keep everyone in your team aware.

Step 6

Repackage your content. You cannot maximize the reach of your content if you don’t plan to spread it via several channels. But not every piece works for every channel. You need to repurpose it at times.

While a post is just a part of your blog, a series of them can be included to create a whitepaper. A how-to video can be added along with an instruction manual. When you brainstorm for content ideas, you need to pay attention to its presentation too.

Step 7

Plan promotion too. Content marketing isn’t about creating it alone. It’s about disseminating it to the audience as well. Even before you create a piece, you need to think how you will be able to promote it.

Also, keep in mind that the task requires experience and expertise. Instead of dabbling it on your own, try finding professional assistance for it. Adequate promotion is necessary for the fruition of your strategy.