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Dynamic Keywords Insertion – What You need to Know About it

Dynamic Keywords Insertion – What You need to Know About it

Have you ever wondered how some sites Amazon, eBay always manage to come up with ad copies that match with your search queries for almost all the time? It is not that they have hired some of the most efficient Adwords specialists who have worked overtime to create separate ad copies for their hundreds and thousands of products. Nope, this is definitely not the case. Had they done it that way, it would be considered as a colossal waste of time and effort. Rather they have opted for a nifty Adwords feature code named as Dynamic Keywords Insertion or in short DKI.


This feature updates the ad text to include the terms that the users searching with and this is done to make the ad text appears relevant to the users. However, we should not forget the fact that Dynamic Keywords Insertion works well only if the product/service is somewhat relevant to the search queries made by the users.

However, this can be done easily by creating a generic ad copy and by coming up with a formula that will automatically change the keyword in line with the search query and thus making the ad copy relevant for the users.

How to Use Dynamic Keywords Insertion

The best thing about keywords insertion is that it can be applied against any components of the ad text. You can use it against the display URL, headline or description. You can even use it multiple times if you think that will serve your interest the best.

The following tag needs to be used to make this DKI to work – {keyword:default text}.

Now, you need to replace the default text with some relevant keyword that you want Google Adwords to show when the search query length exceed the required limit and therefore, can’t be dynamically inserted into your ad copy –

Here is an example of DKI in use

Headline – Buy {keyword:T-shirt}
Display URL – example.com/{keyword:T-shirt}
Description Line 1: Finest Quality, Free Shipping
Description Line 2: Available at Competitive Rates

So, if anyone searches with term – White T Shirt, your ad text might look like this –

Headline – Buy White T Shirt
Display URL – example.com/White T Shirt
Description Line 1: Finest Quality, Free Shipping
Description Line 2: Available at Competitive Rates

Now let’s us look at some of its advantages. On ideal circumstances, Dynamic Keywords Insertion can do wonder with your Adwords account’s overall performance.

Keywords Will be Highlighted in Bold

If the search query and the keywords used in the ad text matches, Google will automatically bold the text and this is a huge advantage given the fact that it will help your ad copy grabs the attention that it deserves.  It is helpful for the searchers as well as they can easily locate the product/service that they have been looking for.

Lax in Character limitation

Yup, this might sound incredible but the fact is there are some instances when Google Adwords shows headline that has more than 26 characters. And this usually happens with sites that are using Dynamic Keywords Insertion technique. However, this is not a rule rather this is an observation.

Implementation Is Easy

There are some searchers who search with very specific terms. Rather than using terms like – White T Shirt or Black T Shirt etc, they search with the product ID or SKU number. Now, as obvious, they will not click on those ad copy that show generic terms. Now, creating separate ad copy with SKU number or Product ID is impossible for a large website and this is where the concept of Dynamic Keywords Insertion comes into play. Since the implementation is super easy, it will take less the few minutes and then voila! You ad text will matches with the search query with all those specification and this will definitely lead to more conversion.