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Top 5 Benefits of Ecommerce SEO

Top 5 Benefits of Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is the process of optimizing an ecommerce website for search engines in order to increase the chances of ranking high in search engine results and generating more organic traffic and sales.

There are plenty of benefits that come with optimizing your website for search engines. We’ve listed the top five below.

1) Helps generate high-converting organic traffic

Optimizing your ecommerce website for search engines is one of the best ways to generate high-converting traffic.

Visitors coming to your website from a Google search will most likely be looking for information on a product or a place where they can purchase it. If you show them what they want, there is a great chance that they’ll buy from you.

Research has shown that as much as 89% of people use a search engine to assist them with making purchase decisions. If you haven’t optimized your website for search engines, it’ll be very hard for shoppers to learn about your brand.

Ecommerce SEO is an inbound marketing method – which means that it’s based on attracting new customers by creating valuable resources and sharing helpful information. 

Inbound marketing (as opposed to outbound marketing) is customer-centric by nature. The leads generated through inbound marketing are more likely to become customers. Once they become customers, they’re also more likely to spend more than those acquired through outbound marketing.

According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound, both B2C and B2B businesses generate most of their leads through inbound marketing methods.

Inbound lead generation

Source: hubspot.com

A lot of people coming to your website from search engines will be early in their buying process. Ecommerce SEO allows you to attract these shoppers and help them during their research phase. Once you do that, they’ll be more likely to buy from you in the future.

2) Improves website usability and user experience

One of the main ways to optimize your website for search engines is to improve its usability and work on creating a better user experience.

By focusing on making your website more visible in search engines, ecommerce SEO also helps users navigate your website more easily and find the information they’re looking for quickly.

A fast, clean, and well-structured website will compel visitors to stay on it longer, which in turn increases the chances of them seeing something they like and making a purchase. A malfunctioning website, on the other hand, is likely to force your visitors to leave and go to a competitor.

Ecommerce SEO helps website usability

Source: spur-i-t.com

3) Provides a cost-effective alternative to advertising

Most ecommerce businesses think of advertising when they’re looking for ways to generate more sales. However, depending on your industry, the types of products you sell, and your competition, advertising can be very expensive.

Another issue with advertising is that it requires you to invest money into it constantly. Ecommerce SEO, on the other hand, is a long-term strategy that helps you generate traffic on an ongoing basis even if you stop investing in it.

Ecommerce SEO vs PPC

Source: seopressor.com

Focusing on generating traffic and sales through the help of SEO will enable you to decrease your customer acquisition cost significantly. Since SEO focuses on attracting visitors who are already interested in a particular product, it has a greater chance of converting visitors into customers.

Additionally, if you’re doing a good job with ecommerce SEO, you’ll rank high for a lot of keywords and phrases, thus eliminating the need for you to bid on those terms when advertising on search engines.

SEO marketing efforts and results are also easy to track and measure, which means that you’ll be able to analyze your results and optimize your strategy as time goes on, ensuring an even greater return on investment.

4) Improves brand awareness and credibility

Getting your website to the top of search engine results will result in more exposure for your brand. If you consistently rank high for keywords and phrases related to your industry, people will remember that and keep your brand in mind whenever they need to buy something.

Additionally, having your content rank high in search engines will also help to build trust and credibility for your brand. Shoppers will start considering you as an authority and a thought leader in your industry.

They’ll start coming to your website anytime they need information on a subject related to your industry. They’ll also feel more comfortable about buying from you.

Milennials, in particular, are highly influenced by thought leadership.

Milennials and thought leadership

Source: content-science.com

5) Maximizes the value of your existing content assets

Ecommerce SEO works in synergy with your other marketing efforts, especially content marketing. By optimizing all your content for search engines, you’ll ensure that you extract as much value as possible out of it.

Ecommerce SEO and content marketing

Source: outbrain.com

SEO will help you generate more traffic, leads, and customers with your content, as well as improve the return on investment you get from developing content.

Optimize your ecommerce website for search engines

Optimizing your website for search engines is one of the best ways to generate more high-quality traffic for your ecommerce business. Organic visitors are most often pre-qualified and more likely to buy from you, making them very valuable.

Working on your website’s SEO will also ensure that you improve its usability and create a better user experience. This, in turn, will help to make your website appreciated by both search engines and users.

Ecommerce SEO is a very cost-effective marketing method. Focusing on SEO is a long-term strategy that can generate customers and leads for years and years without requiring a significant investment. As such, it can do wonders for reducing your customer acquisition cost.

SEO is also a great way to get more exposure for your brand, as well as develop authority and thought leadership in your industry.

Finally, SEO allows you to get as much value out of your content and improve the return on investment you generate from content development.

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