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How SEO will Change in 2015

How SEO will Change in 2015

Love it or hate it, there is no getting around the fact that SEO is an ever evolving industry. Nothing remains the same here. Imagine doing SEO for a website 5 years ago. What had you been doing back then? Well, don’t get so defensive because most of the tactics that you might have employed in those bygone era are probably deemed as Spamming these days.

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Article Submission, Press Release submission and other similar activities which were quite popular and effective those days are now being considered as an attempt to boost the ranking of a website artificially. So, we can now safely assume that SEO has changed a lot from the past. Since Google is leaving no stone unturned to level the playing field in the SEO sector, 2015 is definitely going to be an exciting year for sure.

Here we are going to make some predictions about the search industry in general that may come true in 2015 –

Prediction 1# – More Demand for Conversion Optimization

SEO has become a lot harder these days. It is no longer about building some random links and then watching the website’s rankings getting skyrocketing to the top. Those days are long gone. Now, we have to make sure that the website is offering the best browsing experience to the visitors. Rather than sending thousands of visitors who might not be interested in your products or service, you should be trying hard to convert a greater percentage of visitors. You need to focus on Call to Action Button, placement of different designing elements, use of high quality and conversion oriented body copy and more.

So, the demand for Conversion optimizers will certainly rise this year as more and more companies will be trying their best to convert more people as this will have direct impact on their profit margin.

Prediction 2# – Old School Link Building Will Make a Come Back

Of course, we are not suggesting that people are going to build spammy links as they tend to do 3 or 4 years ago. By Old School Link Building, we are referring to the practice that used to be employed by most webmasters in the early days of Internet. Webmasters in those days tend to add link to related sites in their websites as an attempt to exchange traffic. There is nothing wrong in that practice as this is basically an attempt to help people find other quality websites. However, later things changed as the concept of SEO started gaining ground and then webmasters started abusing this practice.

But since Google and other search engines have become smarter, we can assume that the old school link building tactic is going to make a comeback this year.

Prediction 3# – SEO Will become Complicated

SEO will no longer be about building links. We think that it will be more about fixing the On Page Structure of the website and focusing more on building brand image on the web and other similar activities. Basically, it will be more or less about reaching out to people and making them believe in their brands.

Google is trying to tighten the noose around those websites that are still trying to manipulate the search algo and therefore, they are giving less and less importance to Links. Rather Google is now giving more value to factors like – conversion rate, pogo sticking, average time spent on page and more.

So, in this changing scenario, we will have to work hard to come up with really high quality products/ service that people might get interested in. SEO is getting complicated and hard and we have to deal with this in near future.

Prediction 4# – Social Signals Will Gain More Traction

Social Sites are going to play a decisive role in the field of internet marketing. Though search engines have denied the fact that social signals have anything to do with the search rankings, most webmasters tend to disagree. Large number of social shares coupled with some good quality links can do wonder for the visibility of a website. So, companies are going to spend more money to reinforce their brand on different social circles.

Prediction 5# – Creativity Will Rule the Roost

The old SEO methods are not going to work anymore. We will have to come up with creative strategies to be able to enhance the visibility of our website. For example, you might have to write compelling write-ups that people will be sharing in their social circles voluntarily, or you might need to post some awesome graphics on your websites that people would like to link back to. If you have got enough time in your hand, you should devote some time to write an informative eBook as well and promote it heavily.

Prediction 6# – Guest Post Will Not be That Effective

Guest Posting is not dead, nor will it be in near future but the fact is that Google has already warned people who are using Guest Posting as a mean to build as many links as possible. Google may even stop giving any importance to those links that are coming via the author box section of different guest blogging websites. So, there is a need to diversify your link profile and make them appear as natural as possible.

So, we can come to the conclusion that 2015 is going to be an interesting year from the SEO standpoint.