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Importance of Color in Social Media

Importance of Color in Social Media

Colors attract. And repel. And lead to a variety of emotions. A big yellow smiley cheers you up, not just because of its design but also because yellow is perceived by the brain as a happy color. A purple Cadbury logo immediately makes us think of childhood, because of the association, and the color too.

Is it possible to use colors to create the right reaction on social media? Yes! But before you do that you need to understand a basic premise; this isn’t pure science, and the color that brings one association in one context or in one location, may not have the same meaning in some other context or some other location.

Let’s take up the connotations of 9 colors, and how they may come in handy for your social media campaign.

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Blue spells calm, especially because of its association with the sky and the sea. This is the reason blue is frequently used by companies looking to promote relaxing products or services – tranquil cruises, lovely spas, and so on. It also symbolizes trust; therefore, its prominence on the logo of the American Express.


Red is classically linked with passion. But it may have different connotations, e.g., it is the color worn by brides in India. It also incorporates a sense of urgency. So, if you are planning to promote a sale and attract impulse buyers, this is the color for you. And it also increases metabolism – now you know why McDonalds and KFC have red logos!


Yellow implies cheer! When you want to excite people about your product, this is the color to use. But do it sparingly, as it is quite an attention grabber. It is also a common color on warning signs due to the same reason. The warmth and joyfulness of this hue makes it right for children’s product promotions too.


White stands for simplicity. The best thing about this color is its capability to create the perfect backdrop for hints of accent colors. Take Google for example. On a clean slate of white, the primary colors of the logo simply stand out. Use it a lot to make the rest of your promotional campaign be noticeable.


Black introduces a sense of power and prestige. Be it the elaborate logo of Versace or the simple one of Chanel, it’s not just the design but the play of black and white that creates the magic. Often associated with luxury products and services, black can also mean strength and stability or mystery and magic.


Purple is about wealth and luxury. Think a deep velvety wine. And it can very well be used for social media promotion of luxury products and services. But a softer, lighter purple can evoke a sense of romance and nostalgia. Consider a lavender background to create the right feel for a lineup of beauty products.


Orange is a happy color. Associated with excitement and enthusiasm, this shade is best used for products and services aimed at the youth. But it’s a strong color and therefore best used sparingly and may be with a contrasting one. A good example is the Fanta logo which uses orange and blue to create a splash!


Green signifies the color of nature. When you want to emphasize your brand’s eco-friendly personality, can there be any better choice for you? No wonder Animal Planet uses it in its logo. Also, the hue stands for power and money. And therefore, is ideal if you deal in the finance sector.


Brown provokes the sense of earth. When you attract the adventurers at heart, this is the perfect choice. Be it outdoor gear or durable wear, this color can suit your requirements when it comes to promotion on social media. Why do you think brands such as Timberland use it on their logo?

With adequate research, you will be able to find and use the right colors in the right proportions to create a successful social media campaign.