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The Importance of a Great Ad Copy in Adwords

The Importance of a Great Ad Copy in Adwords

Just choosing the right keywords and spending big money on your Google Adwords campaign is not going to help you drive more sales. Unless your ad copy is compelling, powerful and well crafted, your Adword campaign will never be able to cut through the clutter, attract more clicks and drive more sales. What is all the more interesting is that writing a compelling and interesting ad copy is not that difficult. What stops people from writing a catchy ad copy is the notion that the ad copy does not play any such important role in the success or failure of an Adwords campaign. The reality, as we have already said is just the opposite.

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Allow us to help you realize the importance of a great ad copy in the success of a Google Adwords campaign –

Quality Score

Quality Score is a metric used by Google Adwords to determine how relevant your ad is to people who are seeing your ads. Relevancy of landing page, keywords and the ad copy all determine the quality score of your ad. The higher the Quality Score, the better. Apart from positively affecting the ranking position of your ad, Quality Score will determine how much you are going to pay for each click. However, there is one thing to keep in mind that a Quality Score is calculated every time a search is made. So that means, poor Quality Score will force you to pay more for each click. Now, as we have just said, Quality Score is invariably associated with the ad copy. A lousy and poorly written ad copy that does not bear any such relation to the targeted keyword is not going to help you score higher Quality Score. However, writing a catchy and keywords centric ad copy is not that easy. Remember the fact that we have got only these –

  • 70 Characters for Ad Text Description
  • 25 Characters for headline
  • 35 Characters for Display URL

Definitely this is a herculean task for a Google Adwords Campaign to craft a compelling and keywords centric ad copy. Clueless how to do this? You should start spying on your competitors and then take inspiration from those ad copies and frame yours.

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More Click

A poorly written ad copy is not something that people will appreciate, leave aside clicking on it. As we are all aware, a low CTR can have negative consequence on the Quality Score. So, just stuffing keywords in the ad copy is not the solution; you need to add catchy phrases in it to grab the attention of the viewers.

Brand Value

Now, for the next few seconds try to unlearn everything that you know about Quality Score. A bad Ad Copy not only affects the Quality Score and the position of your ad, but it also has a strong impact on your company’s brand image. Try to consider Google Adwords as just another advertising platform and then you will realize why you should never settle for a poorly written ad copy. Since the Ad Copy represents your brand, a lousy ad copy sends out wrong signals to your targeted audience. This is the reason why it makes sense to invest time and energy to write a compelling ad copy for your Adwords Campaign.

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Historical AdWords account performance.

Some people tend to believe that they can just run their adwords campaign without caring much for the Ad Copy and CTR. But what most of them forget is that historical performance of that ad is going to haunt them in near future. In fact, even if you write the best copy, you might not see steady increase in the ad position. Blame it on the poor performance of your ad in past. Don’t let past performance of your Adwords ad hold you down later. Focus on writing great copy that convinces and converts visitors.