Marketing Website Using Social Bookmarking

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Social bookmarking is very similar to regular bookmarking on your computer, except in this case you save your bookmarks or tags online. The biggest advantage of social bookmarking is that you can access your preferred sites anywhere in the world, using any computer that can access the Internet.

The benefits of using social bookmarking is that not only do you have access to your preferred sites using any computer, you can also sort out your preferences based on categories offered by such services. Not only this, you can also view other online bookmarking lists as well.

Along with being able to categorize each bookmark, you will also have an RSS feed for each of these categories. Which means that when someone else bookmarks something in your field of interest, you will get a notification. You can then allow them to copy your bookmarks or you could take a look at their bookmarks. This way you can market your bookmarks through RSS feed directories as well as notable search engines. Social bookmarking is a great way to market your website as you have an opportunity to promote it to people who are interested in what your website offers.

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