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Steps to Perfect Adwords Account Structure

Steps to Perfect Adwords Account Structure

Most of us have that sinking feeling when we are asked to straighten out an Adwords account that somehow has gone haywire. For most of us, it is far easier to create a well structure Adwords account from the scratch rather than fixing the problems of a messy account. It is a fact that the interface of the Adwords account may seem jigsaw puzzle for some people but if you can spend a little bit time exploring its various features, things might start falling into place.


Since Adwords is an ever evolving platform, creating a friendly and well structured Adwords account is not that easy. But with dedication and hard work, you will eventually be able to overcome the teething troubles.

The Importance of a well Structured Account

A messy account is the perfect recipe for disaster. You would fail to locate the problem in time of crisis as the account is in bad shape structurally. Therefore, it is imperative for an Adwords marketer to maintain a perfect account structure to avoid future crisis. Here are some other benefits of maintaining a well structure Adwords account –

It will help you increase quality scores of the ads and this will help you reach out to more people without spending extra money. High quality score means, low ‘Click Through Rate’.

It will help you show your ads to relevant and targeted audience.

You will not feel disoriented or agitated when you are to create a report.

We hope that now you acquiesce with the idea of creating a solid Adwords account structure to manage various aspects of the account in an effective way –

The very first thing that strikes you when you try to organize the account structure of your adwords account is that you are not sure how to get started. Sadly there is no magic formula. Here are some methods that you can try while creating a robust structure for your adwords account –

Location Based Structure

Locations are crucial for some businesses and if your business belongs to this group, you might consider arranging your ads around the locations. You might consider a bunch of ad groups that will target people of a particular city. This will help you offer different service or showcase different ad copies to different people based on their location.

Product Based Structure

This is probably the most common type of adwords account structure. The idea behind this structure is very simple that is – mimicking the product structure of the website. For example if you are selling antivirus software of different companies, the product structure should be something like this –

  • Antivirus [ad campaign]
    • Norton [adgroup]
    • Quick Heal [adgroup]

This will help you keep tap on things. All you need to do is to spend some time mapping your products and then frame the campaign around it.

Website Based Structure

You need to look at your website for inspiration while trying to create adwords account structure of your website. You need to inspect your website carefully and then mimic the same structure in your adwords account.

Critical Components of a Well Structured Adwords Account

Here are some crucial components of a well structured adwords account –


Barring a few large companies, most adwords accounts tend to have two or three campaigns. Each campaign usually has two or three thematically relevant adgroups. These adgroups contain ad copies that are in line with the theme of the campaign.

Ad groups

Don’t go overboard while creating ad groups under a campaign. Though you can create unlimited number of ad groups under a campaign, large number of ad groups can make your life difficult by making things unmanageable. Moreover, more ad groups mean more spending. If you are managing a large account with large budget, this might not be an issue but for small business organizations, creating innumerable ad groups might not augur well for their marketing campaign.


You need to choose those keywords that are relevant to the ad copies. You should try to include at least one keyword in the ad copy as this will increase quality score. Try not to use too many keywords as it would be ineffective. Also you need to use negative keywords to stop your ads appearing on search queries that are not relevant to your campaign.

Landing Page

The landing pages should be highly relevant to that of your ad campaign. For example if your ad copy is about Dell laptop, it does not make any sense to set the main Laptop category page as the landing page. Relevant landing page will lead to more conversion.

So, these are some changes that you need to make in order to build a robust structure for your Adwords Account.