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7 Tips to Convert Visitors into Customer

7 Tips to Convert Visitors into Customer

You don’t have to have buzzing traffic to your ecommerce website to make money. It is possible to make money even if the traffic to your website is low.

The way to do this is by ensuring that you convert each visitor a customer. So, how do you go about acheiveing this? You will need a strategy in place that will help you make each visitor to your website a customer.

Want to make your ecommerce website profitable? Here are some tips to help you earn using your online website.

ñ  Offer a shipping free product online: Selling a product that does not have shipping charges such as an easily downloadable software or an ebook is one of the best ways to convert a visitor to your website into a customer. As people can get these instantly and at a lower cost than they would if they had to pay shipping, they are more likely to opt for it even on their first visit.

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ñ  Create ways to get e contact information form visitors: In order for your ecommerce website to succeed in the long run, you will need to have a customer base. And what better customer base then those who have voluntarily visited or checked out your ecommerce website?

Once they visit, how do you get their email information to market exclusively to them. One way you could do this is by offering a membership to your website, for which you can solicit their email address. You could on the other hand, offer a service or information free of charge, for which too you could request for their email address.

This way you will have some information on your visitors, after which there are lots of things that you can do to convert them to customers.

ñ  Offer a free product or service: There is nothing that will guarantee more traffic as much as a free product or service will. Offer something basic as free such as a downloadable software, an ebook or even exclusive membership rites to view your own pages will help bring more visitors to your website. More visits simply translates into more money in the long run.

ñ  Using advertisements on your website: A lot of advertisers are willing to pay money if people simply click on their advertisements. So, if you have these adds on your ecommerce website, any visitor who simply clicks on the add, will end up being profitable for your website.

Some of the common advertisers who offer money for these pay-per-click advertisements include some big names such as yahoo and Google Adsense.

ñ  Allow advertising on your website: If you want to make your website profitable, allow people to advertise on it. If you website has a fair amount of traffic, say about two thousand hits a day, people will want to advertise in it.

These advertisements may take up a lot of space, but you can charge as $300 a month for them, making them a very profitable option. You can also deal with the space issue by configuring these advertisements as exit pop ups. Which means that the adds can be     configured to pop up when people are exiting your website. This way the customer has a better viewing experience, will still getting hit with an advertisement that they are bound to click on.

ñ  Sales based on commission: If you have little or no products to sell yourself, you could sell other people’s stuff online for a commission. The best thing about this sort of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have too many costs involved, you don’t lose any money if you don’t sell and if you do sell, you will only make a profit. And the best part is there are no fulfillment issues either.

ñ  Getting paid for every lead: Getting a mailing list by acquiring email information from every visitor on your website can on its own make money for you as there are plenty of businesses out there that are willing to pay you for these leads.

Some businesses will pay you if visitors to your website are linked to complete customer   based surveys on their website, making your website a more profitable ecommerce venture.