7 Tips to Convert Visitors into Customer

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You don’t have to have buzzing traffic to your ecommerce website to make money. It is possible to make money even if the traffic to your website is low.

The way to do this is by ensuring that you convert each visitor a customer. So, how do you go about acheiveing this? You will need a strategy in place that will help you make each visitor to your website a customer.

Want to make your ecommerce website profitable? Here are some tips to help you earn using your online website.

ñ  Offer a shipping free product online: Selling a product that does not have shipping charges such as an easily downloadable software or an ebook is one of the best ways to convert a visitor to your website into a customer. As people can get these instantly and at a lower cost than they would if they had to pay shipping, they are more likely to opt for it even on their first visit.

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