5 Tips to Making your Website Panda Proof

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Has your website been affected by the Google Panda update? Remember, this change in the ranking algorithm isn’t a one-time thing. Even if your site wasn’t hit the first time, if you don’t take adequate care you may fall victim to the morphed version of this update.

How is it possible? Well, when Google launched its initial Panda update, back in 2011, its target was the content farms that churned out poor content for websites. The ranking of any site with duplicate content on its pages suffered.

But it wasn’t a one-time affair. With every update of the Google ranking algorithm, it is introduced in some form or other. The only difference is it doesn’t come with the same hue and cry. But it’s still out there.

What’s the objective of the Panda update? Its main aim was to distinguish the sites that really offered great user experience from the ones that didn’t. And to make sure that your website isn’t affected by it, you need to offer a great experience for users.

How do you make your website Panda proof? It’s not as big a challenge as it appears.

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