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Adwords Hacks That You Must Try

Adwords Hacks That You Must Try

Adwords is certainly heating up, as more and more marketers are pouring in their marketing dollars on this platform. The cut throat competition has made some advertisers believe that adwords has become unviable for them. The staggering rise of CPC has something to do with this. There are some adwords hacks that can help you bring adwords campaigns from the brink of oblivion.

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1# Use Emotion While Writing Ad Copies

Most advertisers are in the habit of following the same rule when it comes to write an ad copy for their adwords campaigns. They follow the same, boring yet trusted principle of including the most important keywords in the headline just to make sure people take a note of it. However, this is not going to cut any ice with the audience. Rather you need to try to connect with the audience on an emotional level. For example, if you are targeting the keyword – ‘Web Design’, you should not come up with a boring headline like –

Best Web Design Company

Rather you should be using a headline like this –

Does Your Website Suck?

The above headline captures more attention. You can use description section to include the keywords.

2# Think Mobile

You simply can’t ignore mobile users when it comes to running a successful adwords campaign. The best way to utilize the mobile platform for your adwords campaign is by choosing the Click to Call feature. By enabling this for your ad campaign, you will be able to see massive increase in the number of conversion.

3# Quality Score

Quality Score deals with a wide range of factors like the structure of the landing page, keywords relevancy, quality of the ad copy and other similar factors. The higher the quality score, the lower the CPC would be. You will see significant improvement in the ad position as well. Therefore, it is quite obvious that advertisers will be vying with one another to increase the quality score of their adwords campaign.

Of course, you will be writing creative copy that will include relevant keywords and will try to make the landing page as users and search engine friendly as possible. But there are some hacks that you need to try to dramatically increase quality score of your website.

First you need to identify the keywords that are sucking the blood out of your ad campaign. What we mean to say is that you need to find out the lowest performing keywords and get rid of them. Then you need to use branded keywords instead. Just add a few because these keywords as it will help increase the overall Quality Score of your adwords campaigns.

5# Try Remarketing

Remarketing seems to most of us a godsend gift because it allows us to target those people who have visited by clicking on our ads but for some reason did not contact us. Since those people have interacted with our landing pages earlier, it means that they might be interested about our product or service. With ‘Remarketing’ feature of Google Adwords now you will be able to target those visitors specifically.

Since you know who they are, you should use targeted message for them to capture their attention. Remarketing does help you to tilt the activities of the targeted visitors to your favor if you know how to do it tactfully.

6# Be the First to Embrace Change

Don’t be afraid of trying out new features of Google Adwords. Since Google tends to introduce hundreds of changes in Adwords to make it more appealing to the advertisers and therefore, it makes sense that you should be the first to use them. Since not many advertisers will be using them, your campaign will gain some edge over others.

7# In-Market Segment

Remarketing is certainly the most effective way to reach out to potential customers who have visited the landing page earlier but the problem that most advertisers face is that sometimes they have to deal with a website that does not have much traffic. This can make it impossible for an advertiser to run a remarketing campaign. This is exactly where In-Market Segment comes into play. This new feature allows advertisers to target those people who are somehow interested in the same type of product or service.

Google has huge amount of data and intelligence at its disposal. It has demographic information and it actively tracks the search habits of the users and that means, it knows exactly who are possibly looking for the service or product that you are offering. Therefore, by opting for ‘In-Market Segment’ you will be able to reach out to those people only who might be actively looking for your product/ service and that means, the chances of converting those people will be much high.