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Adwords Myths that Really Do Not Make Any Sense

Adwords Myths that Really Do Not Make Any Sense

“Since I am paying for Adwords campaign, my website should be on the top always”. Well this is kind of response, we marketers are used to get from clients. It is tough to make clients understand the fact that beating all competitors all the time is not that easy. However, clients should not be blamed squarely for their unreasonable expectations.  Adwords is surrounded by so many different myths that it becomes tough for people to differentiate truth from fiction and this is what is creating a perfect breeding ground for such unreasonable and outrageous demands. Here in this article, we are going to try to dispel some common Adwords myths that continue to dominate the industry and making the lives of online advertisers tough – google_adwords

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1# My Ads Should Show up All The Time

Well, since you will be paying for each single click, maybe it is not a good idea to splurge money on your adwords campaign and make your ads show up in Google all the time. Unless you are one of those big corporate organizations who have customers all around the world, you don’t need to show your ads on all geographical locations and on different time zones. The timing your ads should coincide with the timing zone of your targeted audience. It simply does not make any sense to run your ads on late night or on early morning because nobody will be around to see your ads, leave aside clicking on them.

2# Adwords is An Auction

Some people still believe that ranking high in Adwords is as simple as making the highest bid in an auction. Well, adwords is more than paying the highest bid. To be on the top, you need to come up with a compelling ad copy, choose the right keywords, select the best keywords type and also need to have a properly optimized landing page.  There are other factors too like – Click through Rate, Historical Click through Rate etc that are taken into consideration while determining the position of your ad on Google. Your bidding amount does play a crucial role but this is definitely not the one and only factor that determines the ranking.

3# I Should Always Strive for the 1st Position

Some people are just obsessed with the idea of ranking top. But sometimes, especially with adwords, clinching on to the 1st position may not be that much effective. When it comes to adwords, what matters the most is the CPL [Cost Per Lead]. If your ad gets showed 1st position all time, it will draw large number of clicks and therefore, the cost of your marketing campaign will soar like anything else. Since you have not much control over who will be clicking on your ads on Adwords, you need to make sure that return on ad spends does not go haywire.

4# Adwords is Too Expensive

This is the biggest myth that continues to trouble marketers. Take it this way – if you are spending $100 on adwords and you are getting a solid profit of $120 from it, you are still the winner. No matter how small the return of investment may look like, you should not forget the fact that you are still making profit. Moreover, adwords compared to other forms of online marketing is less expensive and more effective. You just need to give it some time, come up with creative strategies and you will see drastic changes in the scenario.

5# Spending on Adwords will Enhance my Organic Ranking Profile

This is probably the most popular Adwords myth. A large number of people tend to believe that they can bribe their way through the organic ranking of Google if they spend some dollars on Adwords. However, the truth is – Adwords and organic web search are two entirely different entities and that means, your spend on Adwords wouldn’t have any impact on the ranking of your website on Google’s organic search result.