The Fixi Shop Case Study – Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The Fixi Shop

The Fixi Shop is a small iOS device repairing business with multiple locations in Texas. This small business is been providing iPhone and iPad repair services to local customers in Arlington and Fort Worth Texas and hence its highly relies on local SEO.

We were proud to be selected to develop and execute a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization campaign to increase the search engine ranking positions for the website for highly relevant keywords. The Fixi Shop came to us when they were a newly established business with a newly designed website and hence had no search engine visibility.

Challenge: was struggling to gain website traffic which was a direct result of not ranking well on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for keywords related to their iPhone and iPad repair. Unfortunately, improving their rankings wasn’t the easiest task due to the highly competitive local repair business market within Arlington, TX area. They turned to 99MediaLab and our search engine optimization (SEO) to overcome their obstacles.

Results Achieved:

Each client is unique. Our personalized approach for SEO resulted in increase in traffic from zero to nearly 3000 monthly unique visitors within a span of just 3 months which ultimately resulted in increased customers, revenues and profits.

Specific results include:

1. Site traffic increased by 3000%

2. 90% of keywords targeted by us return as the 1st result on the 1st page of Google

3. Number of keywords in top 10 of all search engines increased by 1800%

4. moved up a total of 43,562 spaces across all 10 keywords

Finally, it was a great experience working on and with the owners. 99MediaLab feels proud to have helped a small business gain the visibility and the traction that it deserves. Seeing the results achieved it gives our team a sense of accomplishment which is what it matters to us.

Services Delivered:

Search Engine Optimization

ecommerce SEO

Social Media Integration

social media integrated website