Retina Care Medical Practice Case Study – Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Retina Care Consultants

Retina Care Consultants, PA is an eye-care facility in Sarasota, Florida. They perform vitreoretinal surgical procedures in the Sarasota communities using the most advanced techniques and equipment available. Conditions they treat include age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, macular holes/pucker, dislocated intraocular lens, ocular trauma, and retinal vein and artery occlusion.

With such quality eye-care services being offered, Retina Care Consultants needed local SEO to find more people in the Sarasota region who can benefit from these procedures. Even though they have been in business since 2006, Retina Care Consultants were looking for someone who would help them improve their online visibility. At 99MediaLab, we had the honor of working on Retina Care’s local SEO campaign.


Retina Care Consultants have been providing highly personalized eye treatment services using the latest methods in medical research. However, in the absence of a robust SEO campaign, they were unable to go beyond their present market base. Our task was not to take to make their website more intuitive, but also to utilize the right keywords and get higher search rankings for the Retina Care website. We used the most relevant keywords for the eye care industry in Florida, such as “retina care florida”, “retina care consultants”, and “retina manatee” in order to expose Retina Care to a wider audience who searched for eye treatments on the internet.

Results Achieved:

At 99MediaLab, we devise a customized SEO plan according to each client’s unique needs. This approach to local SEO helped Retina Care Consultants gain a stronger following on the internet. They now get 1500-2000 new visitors on their website each month. This new popularity of Retina Care has established the practice as one of the finest eye-care centers in the region.

Specific results include:

1. Website bounce rate decreased by 30%. Conversion rates increased at the same time by well over 150%.
2. 95% of all keywords related to Retina Care’s services always show the website in the top 3 spots on Google.
3. Number of keywords in top 10 of all search engines increased by 700%
4. Retina Care Consultants moved up a total of 825,731 spaces across all the top keywords searched on Google.

All in all, working with Retina Care Consultants was one of the most memorable experiences for us at 99MediaLab. We feel a sense of achievement when our local SEO implementations help businesses expand and find new customers in their niche.

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