Social Media Marketing Case Study – EduNova

Social Media Marketing (SMM):


EduNova is as US-based education service. They help students excel in their academic endeavors, and the results are guaranteed based on measurable test results and MCS3 strategies, enabling students to make progress in less than 30 days.

Competition is tough in the education services industry. Even though EduNova have quantifiable methods of training the students and parents (which have also been quality assured), they needed a strong online presence to create brand awareness in new market segments. At 99MediaLab, we discovered that the best way to popularize a business like EduNova was to implement an all-round strategy for social media networks.

Our Process:

EduNova boasts of professional competence and allegiance to quality assurance standards. Hence, we had to develop a social media marketing campaign that draws upon EduNova’s industry image. We were able to come up with unique strategies to popularize the company where majority of its clients were found (social media) without forsaking their professional outlook.

Phases of the Campaign

Our main purpose was to “spread the word” about EduNova’s remarkable education programs for students, especially those pursuing higher education. One main playing field was social media, and we created marketing messages unique to each social networking website.

1. Branding:

This was the core theme of the entire social media marketing campaign. As mentioned before, EduNova has been successful in developing a professional reputation for itself. Our job was to create customized social media pages that build EduNova’s brand presence online on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

2. Content Strategy:

No social media marketing campaign is complete without a content development strategy. Hence, our team developed informative content for EduNova’s social media pages that fell in line with the information on their website including developing contests, riddles and puzzles to engage students on social media pages.

3. Content Strategy Implementation:

While content creation is of utmost importance, it cannot succeed without an implementation strategy backing it up. We not only developed content for EduNova to be updated on social media regularly, but also ensured that it was sharp and to-the-point. Most importantly, all messages we develop have a persuasive call-to-action, resulting in greater conversions and more conversations for EduNova.

3. Cross Promotion and Engagement:

Another crucial aspect of the social media marketing campaign was cross promotion and how to increase engagement online across all the social media networks and leverage the success of one for the other. Links from the EduNova website, especially videos and infographics, not only increased awareness for the business on social networks, but also brought voluminous traffic back to the main website.

4. Daily Management and Marketing:

The reason why 99MediaLab believes in strong social media campaigns is because they make it easy to get regular feedback. But more than that, daily management on social media is an effort-less task. This made it possible for us to regularly update EduNova’s social media pages with offers, marketing messages, replies, and other helpful information so that the engagement and reach increases and the traffic keeps flowing in.

Results Achieved

The results of EduNova’s social media campaign were beyond their expectations. They were able to break in new market segments, and social media pages viewership increased by 90%, bringing in new students who signed up for EduNova’s programs.

Specific results include:

1. Facebook likes increased by over 250%

2. Facebook engagement increased by over 320%.

3. Twitter followers increased by 4 times within 60 days of the campaign.

4. Pinterest had 3 times increases in followers.

5. Google+ engagement increased by 5 times.

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools that any business can use to take its message to the world. This is exactly what 99MediaLab’s collaboration with EduNova proved.

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