Ecommerce Google Adwords – Product Listing Ads – Things You Should be Aware Of

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If you happen to make a search with some product names in Google, you have definitely seen a barrage of related products with their images, prices and store names emerging at the top of the SERP. Product Listing ads are great for advertisers as these types of ads grab more eyeballs and in most cases, conversion rates from these clicks are comparatively higher.

But lately, Google Product Listing Ads have undergone a sea change. In fact, Product Listing Ads have been left out in the cold as Google has forced advertisers to migrate to its new Shopping campaign. Don’t press the panic button yet because Shopping Campaign and Product Listing Campaign are not that much different and hopefully you would not necessarily have to go through the tiring task of learning the nuts and bolts of another advertising platform.

Product Listing Ads

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