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How to Engage People on Twitter

How to Engage People on Twitter

Twitter helps a business to reach out to people, who may become their customers.

But is it enough just to tweet? Much like for every other social platform, you need to have a plan to succeed on Twitter too. And it needs to begin with the fundamental question – how to engage people? Unfortunately, there is no secret formula to success.

The good news is it isn’t impossible. Let’s take a look at how you can engage on Twitter.

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Create a profile that attracts

Does your Twitter profile reflect your brand? Does it attract visually? Does it say enough about your business? Focus on creating a profile that is interesting and appealing.

A sneak peek at its specialty – coffee, an interesting bio and the well-known logo – the Starbucks Twitter profile is attracts and inspires. On the other hand, a sneak peek into behind the scenes of the Sage Twitter profile adds to the interest.

Keep it short and simple. A bio that says who you are and what you do is alright. And it will be even better if you can do it in a tone that reflects your brand. Refrain from too many links and hashtags. You don’t want to drive away people with your over zealousness.

And add the right images. To choose these, consider the niche you are in; if yours is a B2B venture, a behind-the-scene image of your team at work may be a good idea; if you own a florist shop, opt for images of your bouquet creations, and so on.

Create and curate content that interests

Just tweeting frequently won’t do, especially if you are just automating them; you need to concentrate on building conversations instead. To do this, your first task is to act like a human, not a robot.

Consider what your followers will like to re-tweet or favorite – is it a funny anecdote or a quotable quote or may be a sneak peek into an event? Mix and match content; inspirational, motivational, funny, and so on. Throw in tweets about your business too, but only a few!

Visual tweets work best. That’s why Twitter has added in-stream image previews! Make use of this opportunity. Take a look at how Cover-girl does it on Twitter. Attractive images imply increased chances of favorites and re-tweets.

Also, you really don’t need to create every bit of content you share. You can curate interesting pieces and share with your followers to. Use short and mid-length tweets and include words such as free, how to, check out, top 10 and so on to attract attention.

Create opportunities that engage

Do you tweet and forget on your personal profile? You don’t (or if you do, you aren’t surely any popular on it). The same applies to your business profile. Remember, conversation is a two-way thing.

When a follower re-tweets, say thank you. And give them something to talk about. Ask questions. People love it when a business shows that it cares about its followers. And when they answer, continue the conversation.

Organize contests and giveaways. Offer a new product or a discount to followers who re-tweet about you to a certain number of their friends. Take a cue from Sephora. Its Twitter tactics offer some sound advice about how to keep your followers talking.

Domino’s Pizza France wanted to establish their association with football and boost sales. The solution – they created a Twitter campaign to give consumers the opportunity to win a “Menu of Champions” meal. It worked like magic!

You need to put effort to engage on Twitter;and once you do it, it reflects on your business.