How to Optimize your YouTube Video for SEO

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YouTube for Video SEO

As you market your product or service, is your business using video as a marketing tool? If your answer is no, millions of potential customers are missing out on what you have to offer. The addition of image and video results has increased SEO value drastically since Google started adding ‘blended’ results to a search result page. It’s important to note however, that just by uploading a video on YouTube is not a 100% guarantee of increased traffic. Very much like other content on the web, your video needs to be SEO-friendly.

So how do you make your video SEO-friendly? If you have had previous experience in editing tags on images, this process is very much like that. Select ‘Info’ and ‘Settings’ on the video page after you have uploaded your video onto YouTube. There will be a number of options for you to select from. Look at the two sub-categories under: Basic Info and Advanced Settings.

Basic Info:

Title text: The title text field here works just like it does anywhere else. You need to consider the kind of keywords that will get you the maximum traffic. Use keywords that describe your brand perfectly. With only 99 characters allowed here, be as specific as you can.

Description: Here, you can allow your creative juices to flow freely. With 5000 characters allowed here, be sure to add in all the date about your video without cutting corners. Don’t forget to pay close attention to keywords over here too.

Privacy: The three options you will see here are: Private, Public and Unlisted. You would only select the Private option to keep your video private because it is not ready yet; similar to a ‘under construction’ sign on a page. Once your video is all set with optimization, set it to Public and see how it reveals itself.

Tags: To get a good number of views, have good tags. Pick out as many ‘relevant’ tags as you can.  Your video will then show up as a suggestion when viewers watch other videos that share your tag. YouTube goes a step further and even suggests tabs based on what you have added in the title and description fields.

Category: You must select the category that represents your product or service most accurately. When people look for your video, the category field you have entered helps.

Advanced Settings:

Comments: This is one tricky part – you want your customers to be able to freely give their comments, but this also 

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