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How to Increase Adwords Conversion for Your Campaign – a Detailed Practical Guide

How to Increase Adwords Conversion for Your Campaign – a Detailed Practical Guide

You have been running Pay Per Click marketing campaign for a while and it seems that everything is working just fine for you. So, you get a bit comfortable with the way things are and never try to push the needle a bit further in case it changes the status quo. But with a little bit of courage and determination, you might be able to reap more dividends from your PPC campaign by increasing your adwords conversion.

Here we are going to show you some ways via which you will be able to push your Adwords Marketing campaign further –

Create More Landing Pages

The more the better. You should not be resting on laurels by promoting just one version of a landing page. Rather you should be striving hard to come up with multiple versions of the same landing page and then use them all simultaneously to figure out which version is converting more visitors. Try different combination of words and images, change the Call to Action texts a bit or just move the position of different designing elements to figure out which version is working best for your campaign.

If you targeting different types of customers for different ads then you should also have different landing pages that focuses on unique customers. For ex:

If you are a local cleaning business and are targeting two types of customers:

  1. Residential (private home owners or renters) and
  2. Commercial (offices, warehouse, stores etc.)

Then your Google Adwords should have two different ad campaigns for the above two types of customers. And each of the ad campaign should have different landing pages. And these landing pages should have information about your services as it relates to them.

This will greatly help to increase adwords conversion resulting to higher revenues.

Tweak The Check Out Process

If you are managing an ecommerce website, you already know how important it is to simplify the Check Out process. As much as 50% of the visitors tend to abandon the Check Out if they find it overwhelmingly complicated. You need to cut down on the number of steps and at the same time, you should not be forcing the users to create an account with your website. There should be an option to check out as a guest as well.

If you are an ecommerce business your checkout process should have only the below steps after the user clicks on your ad and lands on your website:

Step 1: Sees the product and clicks on your call to action button (Ex: Add to Cart button). This step should not take users directly to check out step but rather allow the users to purchase more products if they would like.

Step 2: Proceed to checkout. This should allow users to login, sign up for a new account or checkout as a guest.

Step 3: Confirm the products, prices, tax and final amount.

Step 4: “Pay Now”. And done.

If you are small local service based business and using Adwords to increase your calls then your process should be as follows which will greatly increase adwords conversion:

Step 1: User clicks on the ad, lands your landing page, sees a landing page with a call to action button, form or phone number and take the appropriate action. Your landing page must have  either of the one below:

  • Call to action button which takes the user to fill a form. OR
  • A form on the landing page itself. OR
  • Phone number (in big bold font)

Step 2: If the user fills the lead generation form on the website then redirect them to a new “Thank You” page. If the user clicks on the phone number then make sure the call is answered. The phone number on your adwords campaign should always be of your sales person. Users don’t like getting forwarded and redirected.

Create More Ad Copies

You need to come up with new and exciting ad copies for your marketing campaigns. Try different combination of words and key phrases. Keep a track on users’ search intent and try to identify those keywords that are gaining popularity. Incorporate those key phrases in the ad copies and you will hopefully be able to increase adwords conversion.

Try Different Geographical Region

This idea very much depends on your business type and business model.

If you are into SAAS business model, you might need to broaden your reach. There is no need to restrict your business to some European countries. Some countries like Chile, Brazil, UAE, Malaysia, India, China, Ghana, Kenya etc have strong economies and therefore, you should start showing your ads in those regions.

If you are a local business that is low on new work then you can try and include nearby counties and cities as your target locations to get more calls and leads. This will ultimately help increase adwords conversion for your business.

Show Different Ads to Different Group of People

You should not be showing the same ads to different groups of people. You need to show different ads to different people as this will give you more control over things. For example, if you are selling both Male and Female body care products, it does not make any sense to show Men Body Care ad copy to women. You should be showing it to men exclusively.

Create Seasonal Ads

Do you run winter care products campaign during summer? Well, if you do, you need to stop doing that. You need to figure out what people are looking for in a specific period of time and frame your ads as well as tweak your PPC campaign settings accordingly.

Go Responsive

You should not be restricting your ads from appearing only in desktop because people are spending more time browsing on mobile devices than desktop. Therefore, you need to make sure that you ads are running on both the platforms to ensure the fact that they are getting optimal exposure.

If you are a local service based businesses (plumbers, handyman, HVAC repair etc.) showing ads on mobile devices is very important because users looking for your services are having a problem “now” and hence are highly likely to use a mobile device than wait to get in front of a desktop or laptop. So, not showing ads on mobile devices can be a great limiting factor.

According to Google Mobile Path to Purchase Research study approximately 42% of the users looking for an automotive related service searched on a mobile device.

If you have not yet taken this step then make sure you do because this can also increase adwords conversion for your campaign.

Try Display Ads

The number of webmasters who have never tried Display Ads is still disturbingly high. The problem is that tracking conversion from display ads is a bit hard and therefore, some marketers tend to give it a pass. However, when it comes to building brand image, Display Ads can do wonder. Try this, don’t be afraid as in many cases, depending on the type of business can also increase adwords conversion for you.

So, these are the few tips that you should incorporate in your PPC marketing strategy to see better adwords conversion.