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4 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Your Dental Marketing Campaign

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Your Dental Marketing Campaign

You run a successful dental practice. And on top of that, your practice is also executing a robust content strategy with weekly blogs. As you continue to write blogs with engaging content, you are also gradually building more organic web traffic, which leads you to more patients. It’s helping your dental marketing campaign.

Though blogs are just one form of content you can use to utilize your content strategy, you don’t have to create new content every single time. Instead, you can repurpose the content that you already have and use it again for different purposes. Here are five ways you can utilize your existing blog content and repurpose it for the future.

Create new blogs updating the content that you already have

Check out all of the blog entries that you have so far. Perhaps you are sharing some facts about a new dental procedure that you perform in one blog. Or you may have new products that are of value to your patients in another blog entry. That’s great!

Now let’s say a year has passed since you originally published a blog about the new procedure or the new product. Have patients decided to get the new procedure or get your new products? What are their outcomes? If you have patients that read your original blogs from one year ago about something new, there is a good chance that they’re interested to find out what has happened since.

Your goal here is to repurpose your existing blog with an update. But how?

  • Create a separate blog entry – It is technically possible that you can go to your previous blog entry and add an addendum. However, it is better to create a new record so you can keep the old content intact. In the new blog entry, link back to your old one instead.
  • Give an update on the various outcomes of your patients – When you are listing a new product or service, you probably didn’t have many (or any) patients who received services just yet. But after a certain period of time (like a year) later, you will. Without
  • List any differentiators between your practices and others – Your practice is not the only one offering various products and services. What elements of added value do you bring that the competition doesn’t?

By updating your blog topics and sending annual updates on new services that you provide, you will become an online authority for those same services.

Create a Vlog

Ten years ago, people primarily read content on the internet through computers. But today, most online traffic comes from mobile devices. With the rise of high-speed internet on smartphones, most people watch online videos through their mobile devices instead of their computers. In fact, there have been more video plays on mobile devices than computers since 2014.

Launching a vlog, or a video blog of your existing blog topics can significantly increase your reach. In fact, marketers consistently state that videos provide the greatest return on investment.

Some of you will wonder whether posting video is expensive. If you are creating a fancy feature, then of course! However, a simple vlog of your office is quick and easy to do. With the cameras available today on smartphones or other devices, you can still get a high-quality piece of content in a short period.

Here are some of the benefits you stand to receive:

    • Higher message retention – According to Insivia, consumers retain 95% of the content in a video message vs. 10% with text. The most basic form of communication between people is face to face when they are talking to each other. Though videos aren’t face-to-face communications, it represents a conversation than a written block of text.
    • More revenue growthBusinesses that use video in their marketing strategy see a growth rate that is 49% higher than businesses who do not.
    • Visitors will spend more time on your pages – A Wistia blog indicated that website visitors will be on a webpage 2.6 times longer if there is a video on it. When prospective visitors are on your site for a longer period, they are more interested in your practice and more likely to be your newest patients.
    • More inbound linksInbound links, or links to your site that come from outside domains are essential to increasing your reach. According to WordStream, you can get three times as many inbound links with video than you do without it.

Add a Podcast

Podcasts are online audio broadcasts of your content. They are another way to share your content with audiences that you otherwise may not reach, even if you already have a vlog and write regularly. Like a video, creating a simple podcast is not time-consuming or cost prohibitive if you keep the talking points simple. Again, you are repurposing the content of your blog for a new audience, not thinking of a completely new content idea for that new audience.

What types of content from your blog can you put into your podcast? You could do something as simple as having someone read your post aloud. However, you can also provide an audio-only version of your videos, or include interviews that are exclusive to your podcast but are still related to the content on your blog.

Make your content social media friendly

Writing blogs take a considerable amount of time. First, you research some facts and figures that you intend to use in your post. Then, you write and edit the blog before finally releasing it to the masses.

The average top-ranked site’s blog entry today is 2,416 words. Though these longer articles are well researched and can attract inbound links from other respected bloggers, it takes a long time to read.

Though longer form content is more effective on a website than shorter form content, this only applies if the content on your site is relevant, to begin with. And though your blog is effective, you need to find a way to get potential visitors interested in visiting. That’s when social media comes in.

While you were researching the content of your blog, chances are that you found many statistics and other figures that capture your attention. And perhaps you included a graphic of that statistic in your blog. Those facts and statistics act as a “hook” to your blog.

This is a great opportunity for you to share that statistic through text and a corresponding picture on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other social media networks where you have a presence. That’s one quick and easy way to get an audience interested in your blog with a teaser.

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