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When is the Right Time to Tweet?

When is the Right Time to Tweet?

Having a presence on Twitter is quickly becoming a must-have for a business, be it a small or a big one. But just jumping in won’t do any good. You need to know the basics before you start working on creating a following on Twitter.

Why are some businesses more successful than others when it comes to twitter? Mostly because they are aware of the most important points of which a significant one is – when is the best time to tweet?

Let’s try to find an answer to this fundamental question.

Keep it natural

For any social media platform, the only way to succeed is to have a plan. Be regular, not only with the publication of content, but also with engagement. If you go on tweeting but never engage with others, you may not be able to get any success.

Initiate conversations, tweet images (they engage people the most), and re-tweet from others. Don’t treat it as a job; instead, make it as natural as possible. Send out a few tweets every day, at different times.

Continue experimenting

Many formulas and equations state that a certain time window is the best time to tweet. But it cannot be the same for everyone. You have to keep in mind who you are and who are your followers, where do they live and when are they online.

For example, if your target audience is teens, they are more likely to be online in the afternoon and evening. But if it is business professionals you target, they will be available mostly in the morning, at lunch and once the workday starts to wane.

Use the right tools

Experimenting and strategizing a twitter campaign is a lot easier nowadays with the handy set of tools available. Whether you are willing to spend a few bucks or wishing to try it for free at first, you can get it from these options.

To track time: Tweriod allows you to get a look at the best times you and your followers, the majority of them, are online. Whether you want an overview of the best times during weekdays and weekends or specific data for periods, this is the best option for you.

You can also create a free account with ManageFlitter to schedule one tweet a day for a week. It will do this for the best time of the day. And you will have a steady schedule of tweets to go out in a week.

To track location: The best time to tweet in Stockholm cannot be the best time to tweet in Hawaii. You need to track the geographical location of your followers too. And to do it – you have a couple of great tools –

Twocation – once you sign in, it will show you the places where most of your followers are concentrated on the map.

TweepsMap – it analyzes important data such as where your followers are from, where are those whom you follow, as well as competitor reach with interactive maps and charts.

Note: You can also use WorldtimeBuddy to switch from one time zone to another.

To manage it all: Of course, you have Hootsuite and Followerwonk if you plan a more extensive twitter campaign for your business. Both these offer analytical data to help you identify the best times to tweet.

You can use Hootsuite Autoschedule to schedule tweets for the best times. And get an idea about which times are best for your business. Followerwonk’s Schedule at Buffer button is also another handy option to schedule your tweets at the best times.

Use these tools to determine which times work for your tweets, and keep tweeting.