SEO Audit: 7 Point Checkup to Keep Your SEO in Top Shape

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If you want to attract high-value prospective clients to you site, SEO is definitely the key to this lock. Regular and smart SEO will bring your ranking up in the list of search engine results, but how do you get into the top 5 search? This is where you want to be, because hardly anyone goes beyond the second page of search results when looking for something.

If you are looking to appear on page 1, you must remember that SEO is not something you do once and expect it to be taken care of for good. Think of it as going for your dental check-ups; if you want things to be in good shape, get a check-up twice a year!

Your check-up should include:

Your Online marketing Grade

If you want to understand perfectly how effectively your website is working for you, get the HubSpot’s Marketing Grader, a great tool to understand this. It will grade you from 1-100 with helpful details on what is doing well, what needs to be done better and how you are placed against your competitors.


Search engine results page tells you on which 

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