Steps to Take After Receiving a Link Warning from Google

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Google Link warning - 99MediaLabIt was once thought that Google had the secret powers to tell you what it thought of your website. Although it has become a bit more transparent about its practices lately, a lot of this is still true. Google’s aim is to provide its users with the best search results and to do so, it needs to share what it is looking for with the owners of websites.

Google’s algorithm makes links a very important – not only the quantity of links but the quality of them too. Many sites try to ‘game the system’ and Google does not condone this behavior  Sometimes, website owners are not aware that what they are doing is not so correct and so Google has started to send out notifications to warn webmasters to alert them when unnatural links are detected. These notices do not always mean that a penalty has occurred, they serve as a FYI. However, if you notice that traffic to your site has had a huge drop at around the same time you have received a notification, it is very likely that you have been handed a penalty for an unnatural link.

Follow these steps to remedy the situation:

Create an inbound link list
You should have a list of all the generated links if you have been link building actively. This is a good place to start to see where you have gone wrong. There may be a case where other links have built up without your knowledge and for this there are SEO tools that can help you get a report on all inbound links. A free tool you can use is Google Webmaster Tools. This will provide you with a report. It is also recommended that you use some paid tools like Majestic SEO which can give you a better set of links.


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