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[Infographic] How to be Successful on Google+

August 5, 2014

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[Infographic] How to be Successful on Google+

More and more often advertisements are being played on social media sites. Businesses are taking advantage of the ever-increasing amount of traffic on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and for good reason. Businesses who have made the jump to advertising on social media have had positive results and will continue to reap the benefits of their social media platforms. One name that has been conspicuously excluded from the group of social media giants is Google+. Google+ never really gets much attention… but it’s starting to.

Recently Google+ made +Post Ads available for advertisers with 1,000+ followers. What kind of results have they shown? Well, major brands have already reported 50% more engagement on +Post ads than traditional advertising. Google wants you to succeed, so they’ve made it easy for you. Google isn’t fooling around here; they’re taking on Facebook and by the looks of it they’re going to win. +Post Ads is new and it’s not going anywhere, so how can you utilize Google+ to make the jump to greater success?

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