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The Guide to Perfect Social Media Post

The Guide to Perfect Social Media Post

Without a presence on social media, your business is sure to fall behind in this competitive world. It also affects your brand identity. But how do you go about it? A plan is what you need. And you also need a clear idea about how to create the perfect post for social media.

Here’s a quick look at what works and what doesn’t on the various social media platforms.


For the perfect Facebook post

Think – why will a fan engage with your post? If you can offer them some valuable tit-bit, they will have a reason to do it. Also, keep in mind, people are very visual. So, a post with an image has better chances of engaging fans.

Do your Facebook posts look good on mobile devices? If not, it’s high time to think about it. And make sure you add a shortened link to your posts to direct users to your site. Whenever possible, engage with your fans. After all, social media is a two-way thing!

For the perfect Twitter post

Well, this needs precision! You need to fit in your idea within 140 characters, preferably lesser, to give followers the opportunity to retweet. A good idea is to use bit.ly to shorten the URL that you add to the post.

While it is difficult to limit your post to less than 140 characters, you cannot sacrifice grammar and spelling because of it. It will create an unfavorable impression on your followers. Also, you need to make sure they understand what you want them to do.

Twitter has introduced the option to add images and videos to their posts. This can considerably increase engagement. Remember, this involves two parties. So, if you don’t mention or retweet others’ posts, they may not do so for your tweets too.

For the perfect Google+ post

Create an attractive headline to arouse interest but keep it within 60 characters. Add your URL to boost CTR. Images work well for these posts too. So, don’t forget to add some suitable ones.

Discuss topics that are trending, use the right hashtags, and don’t forget to tag profiles that will add to your brand value. Be part of the conversation, reply to comments, to increase your brand’s social interaction.

For the perfect Pinterest post

When creating a post for this platform, keep in mind, this social media channel was made for portrait style pictures. So, it’s best that you use vertically oriented images for the pin boards.

Color images, as opposed to black and white ones, do well when it comes to attracting fans. Moreover, certain colors perform well than others. Good examples of these colors are red, orange, pink, green, and so on.

Background doesn’t go down well with Pinterest people. That’s why posts where the background takes up little portion of the image work well. Also, posts that don’t have human faces perform better when it comes to pinning.

For the perfect YouTube post

You want users to click on your video – right? So, you need to take your time and come up with a title interesting enough to make them click on it. Add a good description with the keyword and a link to your site too.

Make use of tags to boost the chances of ranking better on YouTube search. Thumbnails can also add to the interest of the video. Do you want users to like or share your video or perhaps sign up for your newsletter? Add a call to action to spell out what you want.

A little effort goes a long way on social media; make sure you put in that little extra.