Social Media Integration

Comprehensive Social Media Integration

99 Media Lab provides extensive social media integration for your website. The integration includes various important activities and tools such as Facebook ‘Like’ buttons and Twitter integration.
Our comprehensive social media solution proves integration not just with established social media platforms, but with emerging ones as well. This ensures that your website is geared for success not only today and tomorrow but the days after that.
We make it easy for your target market to discover and like you. This enhances your online presence and secures your online growth and success. Integration with Facebook for instance, is exceptionally beneficial for eCommerce websites.

Common Integration Methods

Account Login

• Facebook Connect / Open Graph
• Twitter Connect
• Google Connect
• OpenID

Community Building

• Facebook Friend Connect
• Google Friend Connect

Onsite Content

• Twitter Status RSS Feeds
• Facebook Profile Badge
• Google Profile

Seamless Integration

We use all of the above tools for seamless social media integration. This means that the social media elements are woven into your website and online presence very skillfully. This ensures you’re the social media features facilitate your users (and you) instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Our experts have considerable experience of delivering this flawless and invaluable integration, which if handled inappropriately can end up hurting your website and brand.