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Tips to Increase CTR from Facebook

Tips to Increase CTR from Facebook

Planning a Facebook campaign is easy; achieving success with it is the difficult part. The question is – what do you do to make sure that people click your posts and head to your website? You cannot make it a certainty.

But you sure can take a few steps to get Facebook users to click on your posts. Here’s how:


Tip 1: What to post?

Well, it really depends on who your target audience is. But yet, a mix and match of different types of content (funny, motivating, facts, quotes, and so on) works well on social media. And Facebook is no exception.

Also, keep in mind that humans are very visual. Post interesting pictures and videos. Sneak peek of new products, behind the scene images of an event, a funny picture of your office, everything works.

Add a call to action to your posts, something that Cheese and Burger Society does! It’s a simple way to urge users to click through. Images in your wall posts are clickable. And when you add a call to action in the image, you make that work to your advantage.

Tip 2: When to post?

Being regular is good; being too regular isn’t. Tweeting 6-7 times a day is good; but this frequency won’t work on Facebook. Post every day or may be every other day. And see the difference in click through rates.

You need to experiment with the days and times to identify which works best for your Facebook profile. Usually, posts done on Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends engage people the most. And so does posts done between 1-3 p.m.

Tip 3: How to post?

Just uploading the post on Facebook is okay. But if you’re trying to increase your CTR, you need to take a few minutes to personalize it. A line or two about what you post, or why it’s important, is a good idea.

Take a look at Ellle Magazine’s Facebook page. They have a zillion status updates, and most comes with a one-liner, often quirky! This adds to the interest of the post, and lends it a personal tone – two things that aid click through rates.

Tip 4: How to make it look nice?

Before you add a headline to your Facebook posts, keep in mind – the shorter, the better! It isn’t often possible to use a single word. But the lower the characters, the better are its chances of being clicked.

The selection of colors also has an impact on whether users will click on a post or not. Usually, black, white, and grey works well. But it’s essential to experiment with your Facebook posts to determine what works for our fans.

Another simple, but oft ignored method is to use Open Graph to make sure that your posts have the correct social media Meta tags. Take a look at Bonobos Facebook page. Whenever they share a link, thanks to Open Graph, the URL shows up correctly, and it boosts CTR.

Tip 5: How to engage?

Replying to your Facebook comments and thanking your fans for likes and shares is a good way to show that you care. Everyone loves to feel special; and when you take the time to interact with your fans, it makes them feel it.

While it may not always be possible to thank everyone separately for participation in a contest, or for the shares, a prompt response to a problem or a request is a gesture that is always appreciated. And those Facebook posts, usually, have the best CTR.

With a little endeavor, it’s possible to tweak your strategy and be successful on Facebook.