Top 5 SEO Mistakes of 2013

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SEO - 99MediaLab Over the years, you would have noticed how SEO has changed. It was easy in the days when it was a piece of cake to get a ranking on the first page of Google – simply follow the general rules of including keywords in the Page title, heading tags and image tags, blasting all this information to several blog network and get backlinks at the site – something we do not recommend!

This very same technique now can actually push your website back to the last pages instead of the first! There are just a few points to follow and SEO will still work miracles for you.

Here are some SEO Mistakes that business owners still make.

1. Over Optimization
Most people will admit to making this mistake at least once. You thought things like ClickBumpSEO and SEOPressor were genius when you first started using WordPress. You would have ensured that you followed all their suggestions to the dot. You would have ensured that keyword density was high, that you had external and internal links with your keywords, and that your keyword existed in the first and last sentence and in all image tags and headings. And you would have succeeded in being on page one. Some time later though, you would have seen your site being sent off to a page number with zeros in it! It happened to many. Here is what the problem was: Over optimization is one of the biggest SEO mistakes you can make to ruin your Google rankings. If you just put your keyword in the title, the first and last sentence, you will do just fine. Your keyword density should not be more than 1%. Always remember that you are writing for readers and not for search engines!

2. Poor Anchor Text Diversification

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