Translating the Language of SEO

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With the expansion of online traffic and the irreplaceable nature of having an online presence for any business, the ubiquitous nature of companies offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and tips can be overwhelming at the most and confusing at the least. To those who are not technologically gifted, it can be difficult to traverse the complex language often used to sell the benefits of SEO. What follows aims to give those users who are struggling to ascertain how they might go about maximizing productive online traffic as well as choosing the right company to assist them with the task.

Search Engine Optimization, contrary to certain definitions, is not simply increasing online traffic to one’s website through popular keyword usage and links to other websites. In order for SEO to have a positive effect for any given individual or business, the increased online traffic must be targeted, strategic, and encourage repeat visits. There is little to no point of casting too wide of a net simply to increase overall number of hits for a site, as this will not benefit business in the long term. Rather, a business needs to understand the needs, wants, and behaviors of their target consumers in order to maximize content and keyword usage to appeal to this population. The ultimate goal is to target repeat visitors and increase overall conversion rates, in order for there to be any long lasting positive effects.

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