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Why You Need to Use Google Author and Publisher Tags

Why You Need to Use Google Author and Publisher Tags

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Did you know that the way you market yourself as an individual has a great impact on your website’s visibility? Don’t think of shrinking in the shadows when you Google your name the next time. Are you the type who is skeptical about getting too involved in the whole social media thing, or wonder how that will even affect your business? Read on and you will know why social media is very important.

Social importance, credibility and personal connection
For every search that a search engine gets, it wants to give out the most credible and high quality result. One good way for a user to check out your credibility is by looking through your social media profile, be it Facebook,

Twitter or LinkedIn. All this shows your followers, the kind of content you share and post and how your interactions are – all this shows how real you are and how effective your words are. If people interact with you positively on social media platforms, your credibility goes up and this itself is reason enough for you to get super active on social media.

The impact of Google+ on search results

Google+ has introduced [pwal id=”47569529″ description=””]

a new feature that has good effects, where the blog author’s picture appears next to his or her post or website and also the number of circles they are part of. This is possible because people have connected their Google+ account to their website or blog using a feature called author tag.

Once your picture appears next to your article in the search engine result pages, it makes a whole lot of difference. A link with a picture holds more weight than one without a picture. Your click rate will go up and so will your rankings and hence as a Virginia SEO company we always recommend using Google+ author tags to our clients.

How it works: the rel=author tag
This tag ties your article, webpage or even your entire website to your Google+ profile. When you provide a link to you, your article holds more weight. All it needs is the short code added with a link to your Google+ page. After doing this, whenever you post an article, Google will see your personal influence as part of the relevance in the search results. What does all this mean? This simply means that your article will rank above the others who are in fewer Google+ circles than you are. Articles without the rel=author tag will also be far behind you. The rel=publisher tag links a web page to the Google+ page of the company and not the individual. The success of your rankings is tied up with the success of your Google+ page.

The value of your personal brand
Social media gives you a voice where you can influence your customers and give your opinions to competitors. It just works better if you tie up your work and personal online life. You need to tie up your personal brand to your company brand to create a greater impact. You will only see positive results when it comes to website traffic, a great engaging community that will always support you and endorse your product or service.