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WordPress Backup Plugins That We Should Know About

WordPress Backup Plugins That We Should Know About

You just updated a plugin or installed a theme and whoosh your website went blank! This is quite a common and frequent trouble when it comes to WordPress users. And if you haven’t backed up your site in advance, it can become a serious one.

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Two choices are available – you can either back it up manually. Or, you can depend on a backup plugin crafted for the purpose. Whichever option you choose, make sure you do it frequently. And also to a set of different forms, DVD storage, cloud storage, email storage.

Now, let’s take a look at the best WordPress backup plugins available for your site.


With this one, you just have to choose where you want to backup and when to do it, and you are good to go. This is a comprehensive solution that lets you back up to your hard drive, Dropbox, Stash, FTP and a host of sources and does it quickly and easily. But it’s a premium plugin, so you have to pay up for it.


Automate the backing up of your site with this plugin. And schedule backup of files and the site as per your requirements. It’s free; but you will need to buy an extension to store the data anywhere but the hard drive or email.


A free plugin, this one offers the advantages to schedule automatic backups, backup to FTP, hard drive, email as well as Dropbox and Rackspace, and restore from these with ease. And you can upgrade to the Pro version to get additional features such as support services, Google Drive support and so on.


It is in reality a plugin for site migration. But you can use it to do a backup for your WordPress site too. Though you will need to learn how it works before you use it. And if you want your site to migrate, it can serve both the purposes too.

Online Backup for WordPress

Backup your files and database in your email, on the server, or one of the data centers. Also, it encrypts the data, so, you don’t need to worry about its safety. Schedule regular backups, select the files you want to backup, download them, exclude elements you don’t need to backup, and do many things more.


Just use the ‘Create a Snapshot’ button, and you can get snapshots of your site and store them anywhere you like. You can restore your site to any of the previous versions with the help of these. You can also automate the scheduling and storing of the snapshots.


Simple and easy to use, this one is free. Its database encryption ensures a layer of security for the data. And it lets you store the backup to a number of options. For a large site, it splits the data into several archives; it makes it a quicker solution.


Just install it and set it to back up your site automatically every day. At $5 per month, it is one choice that offers some significant advantages. The best part is that you can restore the data from the backups with ease. And you can download every bit of it from the backups as well anytime you want.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

As the name suggests, it allows you to get the backups to automatically upload to your Dropbox account. With it, you can backup your files and database. And its features are just perfect for Dropbox users.


When you need to backup your WordPress database, and at no cost, this is the one for you. It works best for sites that aren’t updated frequently or that don’t have images. You can schedule backups and restore from them. And it also lets you perform a database backup manually.

99MediaLab, a Fredericksburg website design firm uses many of the above plugins for our own clients for their backup service.