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Writing a Great PPC Ad Headline – Where to Start

Writing a Great PPC Ad Headline – Where to Start

There are hundreds of stores that you come across on a regular basis while returning home after a hard day at the workplace. But there are probably two or three stores whose ads have captured your attention. Other stores might have just lost into the oblivion. You remember those ads vividly because you might have felt some kind of emotional attachment with them. Maybe those ads have used some kind of psychological triggers or they might be simply awesome.

The same rule is applicable to PPC ads. Boring and uninspiring ads are not going to cut any ice with the viewers. Viewers might ignore those ads just the same way as you have ignored most of the stores that you come across almost every day.

The most crucial element of a creative PPC ad is the Headline. It does not matter how good your product is in reality, if people don’t find your ads interesting, they are not going to click on the ads. So, here we are going to share some tips that will help you immensely to write compelling headline for your PPC ad copy.

Don’t Ignore The Keywords
You might be thinking – ‘Come on! How can we forget to use keywords in the Headline? ’. Well my friend, there are hundreds of ad copies running at present on Google Adwords that don’t have any keyword in the Headline section. Most of them don’t even convey any meaning whatsoever. Sometimes, they just contain the brand name but no explanation is given why we should be clicking on the ad at the first place.

Ask A Question
This is a nice little psychological trick that you can try to see if it can help you see higher conversion rate. Headlines like these –

1. ‘Does your website suck?’
2. ‘Getting Divorced?’
3. ‘Looking for a Logo Designer?’
4. ‘Can’t Pay Student Loan?’

help capture the attention of the prospective customers. Though they might not have the ‘exact’ keyword, headline like these can do wonder to the CTR of the ad campaign.

Everybody Like a Funny Guy
Life is tough; why make it tougher? So, there is nothing wrong in adding some humorous elements in the headline of the ad copy. However, there is a catch to it. Some people may find it offensive and therefore, you need to be careful while adding funny texts in the Headline.

Use Fear As An Advantage
Of course, we are not encouraging you to intimidate the viewers; rather we are suggesting you to use ‘fear’ as a factor to increase the ‘Click Through Rate’ of the ads. Check out the following headlines for example –

1. ‘Is Your Website SEO Friendly?’
2. ‘Do You Trust Your BF?’

Perhaps, these headlines are not the most ethical ones but they serve the purpose beautifully. Yes, they do help us grab the attention of the prospective clients.

Don’t Use Jargons
It does not make any sense to use Jargons in the headline of a PPC Ad. Most people might have never heard them and that means, they are not going to take any actions like Click on the Ad, when it will be served to them. Therefore, it is always advisable to use simple language as far as possible.

Use Numbers to Impress
People want to get impressed before they decide to spend money on something. This is the reason why you should be using hard data or numbers to make it easier for people to make a buying decision. Headlines like these –

1. ‘500 + Satisfied Customers’
2. ‘Approved by 100 + Clients’
3. ‘2 Billions Sold Already’

help instill confidence among the prospective buyers. Number can ooze out positive vibes and we should be taking advantage of that.

Don’t Make Tall Promises
Making promises that you can’t fulfill will get you into trouble for sure. People will find out that you are trying to dupe them sooner or later and this can seriously damage your online reputation. Stay true to what you are offering and stop yourself from making false claims in the headline.

Spy On Competitors
No, you don’t have to befriend with the marketing guys of your competitors to be able to get an idea of what types of ad copies they are using to drive customers. You need to use tools like SEMrush, SpyFu and their likes and you will get all the information you need. Spying on your competitors is not bad as long as you are not stealing their ideas. Use their ideas and then add some of your unique ideas and come up with something compelling and creative.