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6 Social Media Enhancements which Make an Online Marketer’s Job Easier!

6 Social Media Enhancements which Make an Online Marketer’s Job Easier!

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It is truly a remarkable time in which we live in today, and to be successful in business or otherwise, it is extremely important for an online marketer to stay on the cusp of new technological trends. Over the past few decades the world has changed drastically and along with that, people have had to adopt new ways of communication. It wasn’t before long that marketers recognized that the internet was where all the fun was. But navigating through the world of the weird wide web can be like making your way through a minefield sometimes.This is where the “pain relief” provided by social media tools comes in.

There is no doubt that the internet is dominated mainly by social media websites, so knowing the tools which provide a certain “pain management” while handling these sites will be the first crucial step for any online marketer.

Facebook for Business Hub:

When talking about online marketing, you can’t really ignore the presence of Facebook. The social media site just made advertising easy with the new Facebook for Business hub is going to be an extension of the Facebook business pages with the advantage of having a slew of advanced tools to help brands streamline and display their awesomeness.


Ad Tool:

The new Twitter ad tool which provides more target oriented and user focused ads is being experimented by Twitter in the U.S. With the new tool, Twitter allows online marketers to share unreadable email addresses and other browser related information via cookie ID’s.

Tumblr’s Updated Dash:

Tumblr’s new metrics-based activity page offers greater visibility by allowing users to graph the latest activity on their  blog posts and even view their top fans and posts.

LinkedIn’s SlideShare Infographic Player:

Infographics are fast becoming the standard when it comes to telling visual stories and is a great marketing tool. The new SlideShare Infographic player is designed specifically for updating, uploading and viewing the best infographics.

Buffer’s Scheduling Tool:

It took a while but the community of Buffer finally have a scheduling icon for their browser’s extension. Using the new tool, Buffer’s online community can now customize the date and time for various updates, schedule social postings and even set the time and date for re-tweets directly from Twitter.

LinkedIn’s Updated Content Sharing:

With over 225 million members, LinkedIn is a great place for marketers to strut their stuff online. The recently updated content sharing tool is focused on enhancing the reach of marketers when it comes to their content assets. The sponsored updates also enable online marketers to send out content to any segment of LinkedIn to a large audience.

If you are thinking big then using theses social media tools will be a good place to start off your online social media marketing campaign.

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