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Google’s 5 (New) Commandments: Over-Optimizers, Proceed…with Caution!

Google’s 5 (New) Commandments: Over-Optimizers, Proceed…with Caution!


The Search Giant Flexes its Muscles, Once Again!

Let’s face it, when it comes to the internet, Google is hot stuff in all four corners of the globe, and why shouldn’t they be, after all, they have earned it. The Search giant recently updated its link schemes document on their webmaster guidelines page. These changes are sure to affect the SEO strategist, which is why Google says, over optimizing your press releases or guest’s posts can do more harm than good, when it comes to funneling traffic to your business page.

The reason why Google is pressing on this issue, is because, the use of unnatural links, in other words the links that were not vouched for by the website’s owner, will not be recognized by the search engine in future. The following lines are going to elaborate on what this means for a company’s web page and press release.

Google Says: “Thou shall not use Unnatural Links”

When it comes to making it to prime real estate on the Google SERP, press releases and blog pages have always been a point of concern, especially when it comes to the placement of anchor text links. Press releases are basically tools for information, so using unnatural links within the PR text can send a signal to Google that your page is violating certain guidelines set up by Google, which will not be good for business.

Google Says: “Honor the PageRank”

PageRank is actually a link analysis algorithm that has been MIA for some time now, but it seems Google has realized its importance which is why they are flexing their muscles in that direction once more. When it comes to search results, the value of the PageRank cannot be ignored, nor denied, as it determines the value of your web page based on the power of your content.
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Google Says: “Thou shall not Forget User Experience”

Search engine optimization is all about the viewer’s experience. It’s not simply about getting to the prime real estate of Google’s search engine, which is the first page. It’s about optimizing your results for your online audience so they are encouraged to click on your content.

Google Says: “Remember to Use Press Releases, the Right Way”

Links are important, especially when it comes to press releases (and article marketing). Google is not saying that marketers and webmasters should refrain from using links in their press releases, what it does say is that links with optimized anchor text should be avoided. So, the real keyword here is “optimized”.

Instead of using links as the main focus for generating link juice, try using them as an inroad to your business website. Links should be thought of as resources that provide information to all those who visit you online page, rather than a means to push your web page up the SERPs.

Google Says: “It’s all in the Anchor Text, People”

In the end, what Google is trying to say is, the link building process can be a lot easier if you just let it happen the natural way without attempting to fool anyone. Authentic marketing procedures when adopted will give your online business true value. Using high quality content links will enable you to increase the online traffic towards your business website and ensure that you gain a firm footing when it comes to gaining the respect of Google.


As mentioned earlier, when it comes to the internet, Google is king (sort of), so paying attention to what it has to say will ensure that your online business lives long and prospers.