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How to Improve Social Sharing of Blog Posts

How to Improve Social Sharing of Blog Posts

Does your audience like, share and comment on your blog content? Or, do they just pass on to the next best thing? While you cannot force them to engage with your blog, you can take a little more initiative to urge them do it.

How to improve the chances of your blog to get shared on social media? Here are a few tips.


Create content that people will want to share

Well, this actually is the cardinal rule of blogging. Why do you think Neil Patel’s QuickSprout is such a hit? Simple – he shares valuable knowledge. But that’s not the only reason. He makes it easy to understand.

Another good example is Seth Godin’s blog. It’s honest and fun. No wonder he’s so popular. Consider what you want to write about, and create a good mix of informational, motivational, and simply humorous to keep things interesting.

We have also shared many tips on how to create quality content that users will share in our guide on SEO for Plumbers.

Utilize the social sharing buttons

Where do you put them? Which ones do you put? How big should they be? Decide on these questions before you take a step. A floating sidebar, such as the one on the Social Media Examiner, is a good choice.

Don’t confuse your readers with loads of options; stick to the most popular choices such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and such others. And make sure the social sharing buttons are big enough to be noticeable but small enough to be not distracting.

Make it simple and straightforward

Sharing a post may be easy, but coming up with a message is often a bother. Make it easier for your readers; customize the social sharing buttons to send out a set message. Now, your readers will just need to click and share.

Another good idea is to add images to your posts and make them pinnable. Not only will it aid the visual impact, it will also make it easier for them to pin it! Just add titles to the images and your blog is ready for pinning.

Also, use your social updates within the post content. You may have already embedded a YouTube video in a post. Don’t limit it to that. Embed Instagram images, Pinterest boards, Facebook updates, or even tweets into posts and you can get a double advantage.

Commenting needs to be easy

It is okay to be afraid of spam. But don’t let that deter you from turning this option on. And don’t opt for word verification. It’s a bother, and most of your readers will just leave the page and your blog will end up with no comments.

A good idea is to moderate the comments. Or, you can ask your readers to log in the first time they want to comment. Comments are a good sign for a blog; it shows that you are part of the community and adds to the human element of a business.

Remember, engagement is a two-way path

While you can be happy about the number of likes and shares and comments your posts get, you need to keep in mind that communication is a two-way thing.

Favorite tweets, like their Facebook posts, pin their images, and take steps to show that you care about your readers too. And don’t forget to reply to the comments on your posts. They took the time to comment; you should too.

It isn’t difficult to get your blog posts shared; you have to put in time and effort to do it. Take a good look at what other successful business bloggers do it. And take a cue. And once you have incorporated the right steps for this, achieving social shares won’t be any difficult.