Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and Get the Ball Rolling

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For all those B2B marketers out there who were praying for a miracle, fret ye not. LinkedIn has unveiled its solutions offering to your advertising problems by announcing its sponsored updates option.  Now LinkedIn enables businesses to push their brands to relevant users via news feeds from their company page. To online businesses, who constantly have their eyes peeled when it comes to new outlets for introducing their products; this is big news, as the new updates option offers businesses the ability to increase their presence online. For those of you who do not have a clue of how this new feature works, keep reading.

Setup Your Page:

By the looks of it, there are currently two ways in which a business can set up this option on LinkedIn. One is via the ads manager, and the other is through their LinkedIn company page.

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Measure Your Success:

Now that you have created your sponsored updates, you will need to keep track of them to monitor its success. The impressions an ad gets is shown directly below the organic tab. This gives you information on how many clicks a sponsored ad has received, which gives you an idea of the level of engagement of a LinkedIn post. On the “Your campaigns” tab you can also view additional data on all the posts within your LinkedIn ad campaign.

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