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How We Create an eCommerce Website that Simply Succeeds

Clear Objectives for Every Web Page.

We make sure that all the pages on your website have clearly defined goals. Whether it’s enticing the visitors to click on service pages on the home page, or providing relevant & persuasive information and make the user buy on the service/product pages, each page has its own objective. Keeping these goals in our minds at all times, our web design agency is able to create the most successful eCommerce website, page by page.

Encourage Revisits by the Target Market

In addition to getting new, unique visitors, it’s important to get the old/existing ones to come back again and again. As an experienced ecommerce website design company, we understand that this is necessary to create value for your eCommerce website and directly translates into stronger sales. We manage this through various methods such as keeping your visitors in the loop through enticing emails that invite them to check out cool new offers on your website. The more a person visits an eCommerce website, the better are the odds of him/her actually buying something through the site.

Make it Simple for People to Reach you

A good eCommerce website minimizes the distance/hurdles between the target market and you. Whether it’s a simple contact form on the home page or user-friendly photo uploading option, we integrate features into your eCommerce website that make it very easy for your site users to reach you. This may include adding clearly visible contact information on your website. Users will often need to contact you before they can make a purchase e.g. asking a question about the product. A good website will make it effortless for the visitors to contact you. Otherwise, you will be losing a lot of sales by frustrating them if they can’t reach you.

Make it Easy for People to Make a Purchase

The main purpose of your eCommerce website is to provide an online point of sale where people can buy what you have to sell. Plain and simple. So it’s imperative that your website’s checkout is simple for the users. The checkout pages are where your sales are actually being made. As such you need to make it as simple, straightforward and effortless for your customers during the checkout process. For instance, it can be easy for online customers to confuse a payment form with a shipping form. Our website developer ensure a clear checkout procedure on your eCommerce website, making it easy for customers to understand what they have to do.

Make it Easy for People to Make a Purchase

You’re not the only player in the field. Not even close. When you set up an eCommerce website, you should be aware of the fact that there will be competition. From your potential customers’ point of view, they will probably have a few websites to choose from. So unless you’re selling a ticket to Mars, you (your website) will have to outsmart competitors. We help you do this by several ways including:

  • Proper Pricing. We advise you to make your services/products offer the best value for money. E.g. not higher than your competition, but maybe a little bit if you offer a better service/product.
  • Minding the Shipping Costs. We make sure you don’t lose business due to non-customized shipping costs.
  • Focus on & Dominate a Niche. Instead of trying to sell a plethora of products & services across multiple categories, it’s better to start by focusing on one or a couple of niches.
  • 100% Up Time. Reliable hosting ensures that your website and its products & services are always available to your customers. If not, you could lose a lot of good business and damage your reputation in the market.
  • Safe & Secure Shopping Experience. It’s natural for online customers to be worried about their security and privacy. From integrating trust symbols to establishing a secure checkout process, your website should assure the customers of their security.