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How has eCommerce SEO changed after Penguin 2.0?

The world of SEO has changed after Penguin 2.0 and Google Panda update. Off-site SEO has to be done in a much more natural way and content marketing has started playing a bigger role. As experts in eCommerce SEO we understand the importance of variable anchor texts, ratio of backlink types needed and content marketing after the Penguin 2.0 update. Our eCommerce SEO team takes into consideration all these factors along with duplicate content issues to develop and implement a SEO strategy that works for your ecommerce website.

The 99MediaLab Ecommerce SEO after Penguin 2.0

99MediaLab’s E-commerce SEO services can not only increase the ranking of your website for various keywords but can also help you with increasing revenue. Our optimal E-commerce SEO strategy development and execution focuses on increasing revenues because that’s what matters.

Let us show you that by using effective strategies through E-commerce SEO, we can significantly increase exposure and at the same time build brand awareness and brand recognition to boost your web-based prominence and leave a lasting impact. Before executing a SEO campaign we know and understand your business, as well as the different aspects of your industry through effective market research and competitive research including relevant SEO data capture and analysis. Our expert data and ranking analysis, effective integration of quality URL structure and content development can simplify your strategy and help you achieve your goals much faster. We also understand the importance and impact each aspect has on SEO marketing. From effective SEO link structuring, to providing smooth and clever keyword density inclusion and ongoing effective analysis, we will provide the full spectrum of specialized SEO services for a high-quality online marketing plan.

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A complete and custom-tailored plan using SEO for e-Commerce expansion will be developed and executed with what matters most to you, real results and Revenue. By integrating our social media optimization expertise, our solutions and strategies will help your business soar to new heights in the post Penguin 2.0 world of SEO.